Is There Life After Oil?

I discovered something amazing recently and I tried to tell a bunch of friends about it. A guy in Illinois has, it seems, invented a device that can turn almost anything into oil, plus a few byproducts (all useful).

I, for example, could be transformed into 40 pounds of light sweet crude, 7 pounds of flammable gas, 8 pounds of high-quality mineral fertilizer, and 125 pounds of slightly cloudy water, give or take. Individual results may vary.

Inventor Paul Buskis is not planning to process people, of course. He’s going after trash. His thermo-depolymerization process works on any carbon-based substance–chicken entrails, tires, plastic milk jugs, you name it. Garbage in, oil out–that’s the promise.

My friends scoffed. “Sounds too good to be true,” was their consensus. “It’ll never work.”

Don’t get me wrong, the dude that invented the gadget is smart! But in my opinion, there always have been life before, after and in the future of oil. It’s called bicycling!

If you want to read more about the article, just go HERE.

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