I'm Just Saying!

Here at Commute By Bike, our main goal is to spread the news and information about commuting to work by bicycle. Everyday we log in and post some pertinent information that would be useful to our audience.

But sometimes things just get to me. For example, smog and crazy drivers!

I figure most of us ride to work to save money and because it’s fun. But I was just provoked into thinking how healthy is it for my lungs to be breathing in all those pollutants in the air especially if I am at a stop light and a Chevelle with no smog devices on it is spewing out it’s emissions right at my face. Or what about the car that passes you up while you’re riding and its kicking out some nasty black smoke?

I can’t help but wonder if riding my bike is all that good for me when I am more vulnerable to the pollution than a person in a car.

Then I think about those lousy drivers….oh boy do I hate lousy drivers. For example, while going home, I was on Main St. riding through Santa Ana Ca. I hear the thump, boom, thump, boom sounds coming from the car approaching me from behind. I hear his music getting louder and louder. Then the poser starts checking out the girls on the sidewalk and stops paying attention to the road because he’s so busy thumping his cRap Music and he doesn’t have time to drive right because he has to have one hand on the wheel and the other on the volume knob to make sure the hunnies hear him.

So where am I going with this…..no where! I’m just saying!

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