Juan Espinoza

Don’t let the mean scowl and football fool you. Juan Espinoza is more than just a weekend warrior playing football, basketball and other sports. He’s a bicycle commuter.


Juan was putting in over 28k miles per year driving to and from work. He finally got fed up with driving in the Southern California traffic and high gas prices. So he dusted off his bicycles and started riding to work.

The commute to work allows Juan to save over $30 a week on gas, arrive to work revived and alert and it has given him ample energy to handle the day’s load.

So if you happen to be driving down Main St through Santa Ana, keep an eye out for Juan! I say that because I’ve warned him soooooooooo many times to wear a helmet! He refuses because it messes up his hair.

Other than that, Congrats to Juan for being our Commuter of the Week!

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