Kona Smoke Review

Kona is a bike company that made its name in creating bomb-proof bikes for freeriding, DH, XC, Dirt Jumping, Cyclocross and Road. Kona is also a company that gives back to the MTB community by being a heavy trails advocate and a proud supporter of IMBA.
As a product reviewer for the Crooked Cog Network, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any products provided to us by any company. I do not posses any type of relationship with the products company or parent companies. I am not compensated in any way by companies that send in their goods to be reviewed.
My background:
I am 5?7?, 155 lbs. I ride a Giant TCR for road, an Intense Uzzi for trails, a Specialized FSR XC for MTB racing and I ride the Kona Smoke for my commute. I am avid cyclist that enjoys all sort of riding. I am also a bike commuter traveling 30 miles round trip.
Testing Grounds:
The mean streets of L.A. and the San Gabriel River Trail.
Product Tested:
The Kona Smoke. The beater bike that isn

First Impressions and Comments:
My first impression was what a bitchin looking bike. Then I frowned at the Grip Shift system (the first Grip Shift system I used was from a Wally World Bike). Once in the road, I was extremely surprised how smooth and precise the shifting was, it kind of remind me of the Ultegra shifting on my road bike. The bike also felt very agile and nimble.
What you see is what you get.
Bitchin looking bike.
Bomb-proof (it’s a Kona)
Reasonably priced.
Bike doesn’t come with lights or a rear rack. After all, it is a commuter bike.
Grips are not too comfortable
I love commuting on this bike. I am actually digging the grip shift system. I have installed a rear rack and a handlebar bag for maximum loading capacity. I switched to a clipless/platform combination pedal for more pedaling power. I also like its uniqueness, and at around 300 bucks, I considered it a bargain.
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