HOOAH! Commuting Soldiers

Soldiers stationed in the Defense Distribution Depot in Susquehanna Pennsylvania commute every chance they get from their homes to the base. It’s about a 14-mile round trip for the three US Army Sergeants. (left is SGT Kasey Carr middle is SGT Eri Ramos right SGT Randy Policar).

Amry Commuters

Sgt. Randy Policar stated, “Sometimes for PT (Physical Training), we ride our bikes from post to City Island in Harrisburg.” Commuting to the base has allowed all three of the GI’s to feel refreshed, stress free and a sense of accomplishment by riding in every morning. Not only do they feel good, but their commitment to commuting has enabled each one of them to drop a few pounds here and there.

Great job guys! I salute you for commuting!

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