Give The Car a Rest

bike“I’m a little awestruck every time I see one of those intrepid bicyclists, decked out in their cool, multi-colored, skintight outfits, pedaling down a busy thoroughfare while giant SUVs bear down on them. It’s scary enough just driving around Charlotte in a car, I can’t imagine tackling the Queen City’s mean streets on a bicycle with only a thin layer of Lycra for protection. Unlike cities like Portland, which was made with bicyclists in mind, Charlotte is designed for motorists, most of whom don’t think much about sharing the road with anything without four wheels and an engine. And that’s a shame, because with our mild and sunny weather, Charlotte could be a biker’s paradise. It’s doubtful Charlotte will ever be on par with places like Portland, but there are some folks working to make Charlotte more bike friendly. It’s good news, too, that the city was one of just 15 cities selected to participate in Bike to Work Week (May 16-20), a program launched by the League of American Bicyclists.”

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