Great info for Bike Commuting

Commuting Information
Just as your first bike was a vehicle for freedom from parental hand-holding, your first bike commute will be a giant leap toward freedom from the rat race. As you kiss your dependence on cars, gasoline, and traffic reports goodbye, you will improve your health, your household, and maybe even the world at large.

Commuting by bike has a world of benefits including:

* A BETTER BODY – Ride your bike to work, and you no longer need to make time to exercise.

* MORE MONEY – The average annual price of keeping an automobile running: at least $3,000. The cost of running a bike for a year: less than $300. The joy of saving more than two grand this year: priceless.

* CLEAN AIR – Riding a bike is a simple way to improve the environment.

Go to the Bike to Work website to get more INFO regarding Hydration, Rules of the Road, Selecting Your Route and Your Local Bike Shop.

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