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Burley Trailer We Ski Kit (discontinued)

The Burley We Ski! Don’t put your Burley trailer away for the winter! With the WeSki! Kit, you can use your trailer year round. Enjoy cross country skiing or snowshoeing with the kids.

Burley Solo Bike Child Trailer (discontinued)

Burley’s top-of-the-line single child carrier is loaded with premium features to maximize comfort, performance and safety. Share your love for the outdoors with your little one in the Burley Solo.

Weehoo IGo Turbo Bike Child Trailer (discontinued)

The Weehoo iGo Turbo Bike Child Trailer is the ultimate experience for you and your child. The Turbo is part bike child trailer and part trailer-cycle, which makes for a fun, interactive, and comfortable riding experience for you and your child. This revolutionary trailer-cycle provides a unique seated position for your child, who can either sit comfortably on the trailer seat or pedal along with you. So get outside and enjoy some quality time together with a iGo!

Kiddy Van Pet Bike Trailer (discontinued)

The Kiddy Van Pet Bike Trailer is the pet trailer that you have been waiting for! Easily load up your pet and got for a spin down your favorite bike path or to your local dog park.

Kiddy Van Double Bike Child Trailer (discontinued)

The Kiddy Van Double Bike Trailer is one of the easiest way to to get out of the house and enjoying the great outdoors. The Kiddy Van comes with the Cycling Arm kit so you can start racking up the miles!

Kiddy Van Cargo Bike Trailer (discontinued)

The Kiddy Van Cargo Trailer lets you haul whatever you need to wherever your going! The removable floor and solid synthetic floor means that your getting a quality cargo trailer that is built to last.

DoggyRide Bike Trailer Extra Hitch (Discontinued)

Want to use your DoggyRide on two different bikes? Having an extra hitch available is a quick and easy way to attach your DoggyRide dog bike trailer to a different bicycle. Attach this additional hitch to another bike axle and you’re ready to ride.

DoggyRide Bike Trailer Hitch Adapter (Discontinued)

This adapter is for anyone wanting to attach a DoggyRide dog bike trailer to a special bike, such as one with an internal hub gear, breezer drop out, trike, Electra bike, this hitch adapter may be your ideal solution. This hitch adapter connects to the bike frame instead of the axle, moving the connection point from the axle to the frame. If you prefer this type of connection this is a solution for you.

DoggyRide Bike Trailer Mini Bike Kit (Discontinued)

Are you ready to change things up and trade strolling time with your dog time for biking time with your dog? If so, this Mini Bike Conversion Kit will quickly and easily transform a Mini stroller to a Mini bike trailer.

DoggyRide Bike Trailer Mini Pet Mat (Discontinued)

Comfort is everything. Keep your little loved one cozy on long rides with the DoggyRide Mini Pet Mat. It’s two inches thick, providing tons of cushion, while an innovative foam filling absorbs bumps and jumps of rough roads, eliminating tough vibrations and creating a smooth ride for your precious cargo.