Vittoria Mezcal III


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A versatile all-round tire for a combination of terrain that features a unique low-profile tread that is tightly spaced in the center, for low rolling resistance and durability. Countless effective edges work together to grip on a variety of terrain, while directional siping on each knob make traction in the roots and rocks. Using the proprietary Graphene enhanced 4-compound rubber, the Mezcal balances; grip, durability, and low weight.


The reinforced XC racing tire for dry conditions + mixed terrain

Sidewall reinforcement, fast-rolling center tread, aggressive cornering, and an ultra-durable construction – this is the tire for XC trails that mix hardpack with root lattices, rocks, and puncture-causing trail debris. The Mezcal XC Trail is engineered for speed that doesn’t deflate just because you take a hit in the sidewall.

The continuous center line features offset extensions that are siped to multiply the number of edges propelling you up the trail, and the rear siping on the shoulder knobs is angled for fast cornering on hard, slippery surfaces. For climbing, cornering, or careening down hill, no tire cooks like the Mezcal.

Rubber, infused with Graphene in a graduated schedule of four compounds across the rolling strip and shoulders. Two stabilizing base compounds boost puncture resistance and create a foundation for climbing, braking, and cornering loads. The trail-side compounds reduce rolling resistance, boost traction, and get tacky on switchbacks and off-camber sections, wet or dry.

A reinforced racing casing, the XC-Trail TLR combines a durable, supple 120-TPI nylon construction with additional protection on the sidewalls. Responsiveness, muted chatter, and supple trail feel with a little extra anti-puncture insurance – when XC gets gnarly, the XC-Trail TLR goes off.

Additional shielding to reinforce the sidewalls against lateral rock hits, pernicious thorns, and random trail debris. The breakers are lightweight 120-TPI nylon, proving that heavy protection doesn’t have to be heavy on the scale.


  • Defined center-ridge tread for low rolling resistance
  • A multitude of effective braking and climbing edges
  • Low profile, densely spaced knob configuration
  • Additional shielding to reinforce sidewalls from damage
  • Designed for all terrain types, from hard pack to mud to wet
  • Not approved for use with hookless rims


  • Labeled Size: 29 x 2.25
  • Color: Black/Anthracite
  • ISO Width (mm): 55
  • Flat Protection: Tread and Sidewall
  • ISO Diameter: 622 / Road / 29″
  • Tire Intended Use: Mountain
  • Defined Color: Black , Gray
  • Tire Type: Tubeless Ready Clincher
  • Weight: 725
  • TPI: 120
  • Tire Bead: Folding
  • Tire Diameter: 29″


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