Velo Orange Pass Hunter Front Rack with Integrated Decaleur (Discontinued)

The Velo Orange Pass Hunter is a small front rack that pairs really well the VO Campagne Handlebar bag. This rack mounts to canti brakes and includes a decaleur for better handlebar bag integration.

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This product has been discontinued.


The Velo Orange Pass Hunter is a small stainless steel front rack that pairs really well with the Velo Orange Campagne Handlebar Bag.

Many traditional styled handlebar bags are designed to be supported by a rack. The VO Pass Hunter is just the right rack for these bags. It has a small footprint so you don’t feel like it is excessive. This version includes a built in decaleur for even better handlebar bar integration

Decaluers are the traditional quick release mounting system for handlebar bags. These consist of a bracket that attaches to the back of the handlebar bag and interfaces with a receiver attached to the bike. This helps strengthen and stabilize the bags attachment to the rack.

A “U” shaped plug is also included to cap open ends on the decaleur when a handlebar bag is not attached.

The Pass Hunter mounts to bikes with canti brakes.

Check out the Velo Orange Randonneur Front Rack with Integrated Decaleur for a similar rack that mounts to mid-fork eyelets.

  • Integrated light mount eyelets
  • Fender mount
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Polished Alloy
  • Weight: 250g (approximate)
  • Manufacturer: Velo Orange
  • Special double-ended canti-mounting bolts are included