Swift Frame-Packs (Add-on)

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Swift Hold Fast Half Frame Bag

Waste not, want not is the rallying cry behind the Hold Fast Half Frame Bag. Pack smarter by making clever use of the inner triangle of your frame.

Finally! A practical home for awkwardly shaped essentials like your pump, your tent poles, or your hydration bladder. Running frame-mounted water bottles? Don’t fret: We took extra care to maintain clearance so you can easily slip your bottles in and out of their cages. The Hold Fast Half Frame bag will add functional capacity to your setup, whether it’s for your daily commute or an overnight adventure!

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The Hold Fast Half Frame-Pack from Swift will be a perfect home for any of your long or oddly shaped gear. The Hold Fast design allows for you to run your water bottles and cages still while optimizing storage space.

Choose between three colors: Black, Teal and Coyote and three sizes; 2.75L, 3.2L, and 4L. Be sure to check the measurements of each size and measure the internal dimensions of your frame to get the bag that will fit best. Matching up a Frame-Pack to your bike can be a little tricky so let us know if you need any help and be sure to check out our frame bag guide.