Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ (Black, Butter & Moss)


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When wanderlust whispers, the Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ is your go-to chariot for bike camping escapades. Think of it as your adventure canvas, ready to be loaded up with bikepacking bags filled with camping essentials. Think of its multiple mounting points as the pockets of your favorite adventure jacket—practical, accessible, and designed to carry all your essentials. The bike’s 4130 Chromoly steel frame is your sturdy campfire companion, ready to tackle any terrain you throw its way. Tthis bike is your ticket to off-road escapades and nights under a blanket of stars. So, why wait? Your next bike camping adventure is just a pedal stroke away.


The Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ is engineered for adaptability in various riding environments. Its robust 4130 Chromoly steel frame offers the kind of reliability one seeks in dependable outdoor gear. Rolling on 27.5-inch wheels, the bike smoothly transitions from paved roads to challenging trails. With the added benefit of tire clearance up to 2.8″, this bicycle is equally at home on scenic highways as it is on hidden forest trails. The Bridge Club is a gateway to a multitude of adventure opportunities.

When the mountains call and the open road beckons, the Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ is the bike you’ll want to answer that call with. Imagine strapping your bikepacking bags onto its multiple mounting points and just rolling out, wherever the wind takes you. This bike is a bike camper’s dream, designed to carry you and your essentials in any direction that calls to you. The bike’s sturdy 4130 Chromoly steel frame is built to withstand the elements. With tire clearance up to 2.8″, you’re able to turn off the paved route to ride gravel and trails, from rocky climbs to muddy descents. Don’t just dream about your going bike camping—grab your Bridge Club and make it happen!

Geometry & Ride Characteristics

CAD of MD Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ (Use to compare/contrast bicycle geometries)

The geometry of the Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ geometry emphasizes versatility, allowing riders to transition seamlessly between different riding conditions. With a moderately slack head tube angle, the bike emphasizes stable and predictable handling over quick, agile movements. The reach and stack are designed to promote an upright and relaxed posture, making it a go-to choice for long-distance touring or leisurely rides. The bike’s design leans towards all-road touring, and its frame and tire adaptability mean that riders can expect a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. Additionally, the bike’s rear hub spacing is uniquely flexible, accommodating a variety of wheel setups and adding to its adaptability.

Riding the Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ offers stability and comfort. The geometry encourages a more upright riding position, reducing strain on the back and shoulders, making it ideal for extended periods in the saddle. The head tube angle and wheelbase contribute to a stable and predictable ride, especially when navigating through rough terrains or carrying a load. The bike’s frame is designed to absorb road vibrations effectively, providing a smoother ride experience. Overall, it’s a bike that prioritizes comfort and versatility, making it well-suited for a range of riding conditions.

  • Reach and Stack: The Bridge Club 27.5+ has a reach ranging from 376mm to 444mm and a stack from 553mm to 609mm across sizes. This design ensures a comfortable and ergonomic riding position, differing from some bikes that might lean towards a more aggressive posture.
  • Head Tube Angle: With a consistent head tube angle of 71.0° for most sizes, the Bridge Club 27.5+ offers a balance between stability and agility. Unlike some racing bikes with steeper angles, this bike leans towards a more balanced ride.
  • BB Drop: The BB drop for the Bridge Club 27.5+ remains consistent at 60mm across all sizes. This design choice ensures a stable center of gravity, enhancing the bike’s balance, especially during turns.
  • Wheelbase: The wheelbase of the Bridge Club 27.5+ ranges from 1032mm to 1109mm. This is longer than many aggressive road bikes, offering more stability, especially at higher speeds.
  • Chainstay Length: The Bridge Club 27.5+ features a consistent chainstay length of 435mm across all sizes, ensuring predictable handling. This is in contrast to some performance-oriented road bikes that might have shorter chainstays for quicker acceleration.
  • Top Tube Length: The actual top tube lengths for the Bridge Club 27.5+ range from 534mm to 610.3mm. This ensures riders have a comfortable reach to the handlebars, setting it apart from some bikes that might feature longer top tubes for a stretched-out position.
  • Seat Tube Angle: The seat tube angles on the Bridge Club 27.5+ consistently stand at 73.0°, ensuring an optimal pedaling position. Unlike some aggressive race bikes with steeper angles, this bike offers a balance of comfort and efficiency.
  • Standover Height: The standover heights for the Bridge Club 27.5+ range from 709mm to 845.5mm, allowing riders of various heights to comfortably straddle the bike. This is particularly beneficial for riders who might need to frequently stop and start.

vs. the Surly Bridge Club 700c

The Surly Bridge Club 700c, equipped with 700c wheels, is priced similarly to the Surly Bridge Club 27.5+. While both bikes have comparable frames, the main distinctions lie in their handlebar, wheels and tires as follows:


  • Surly Bridge Club 700c: Surly Terminal Bar.
  • Surly Bridge Club 27.5+: Salsa Bend.


  • Surly Bridge Club 700c: WTB ST i21 TCS.
  • Surly Bridge Club 27.5+: WTB ST i29 TCS.


  • Surly Bridge Club 700c: Surly Extraterrestrial 700×41, 60tpi Tubeless Ready.
  • Surly Bridge Club 27.5+: WTB Trail Boss 27.5 x 2.4″, 27tpi, not Tubeless Ready.

vs. the Surly Ogre

The Surly Ogre is designed as a versatile touring bike, capable of handling a variety of terrains from city streets to rugged backcountry trails. Its robust frame geometry and wider tire clearance make it ideal for long-distance adventures and heavy loads. In contrast, the Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ leans more towards a balanced ride suitable for both daily commuting and light touring. While both bikes emphasize versatility, the Ogre is more rugged and built for challenging terrains, whereas the Bridge Club 27.5+ offers a more cost-effective solution for riders seeking a mix of urban and off-road capabilities.


  • Surly Ogre: Features a SRAM NX 32t crankset, Microshift RD-M6205 rear derailleur with Clutch, and a Microshift SL-M9605 Trail Pro shifter.
  • Surly Bridge Club 27.5+: Dominated by Shimano Deore components with an FC-M5100 crankset and an RD-M5100 rear derailleur.


  • Surly Ogre: Avid BB5 Mechanical brakes with 160F/160R rotors.
  • Surly Bridge Club 27.5+: Tektro Hydro HD-M275/276 brakes with 160F/160R rotors.


  • Surly Ogre: Surly ExtraTerrestrial 29×2.5″ 60tpi, Tubeless Ready.
  • Surly Bridge Club 27.5+: WTB Trail Boss 27.5 x 2.4″, 27tpi, not Tubeless Ready.


  • Surly Ogre: Salsa Bend.
  • Surly Bridge Club 27.5+: Surly Terminal Bar.

Ride Feel and Geometry:

  • Surly Ogre: Designed for versatility, the Ogre is tailored for long-distance adventures on varied terrains, from city streets to rugged trails. Its geometry emphasizes stability, especially when carrying heavy loads.
  • Surly Bridge Club 27.5+: A balanced ride suitable for both daily commuting and light touring. Its geometry is more oriented towards a mix of urban and off-road capabilities, offering a comfortable and responsive ride.

vs. the Surly Lowside

The Surly Lowside is designed as a single-speed trail bike, emphasizing agility and playful responsiveness, making it ideal for tight trails and quick maneuvers. Its geometry leans towards a more aggressive and lively ride. In contrast, the Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ is a versatile touring bike, built for both urban commuting and off-road adventures. Its geometry ensures a balanced and comfortable ride over longer distances. While both bikes offer unique experiences, the Lowside is more niche-focused, potentially coming at a premium compared to the multi-purpose Bridge Club 27.5+.

  • Drivetrain:
    • Lowside: Single-speed with a SRAM NX 32t crankset.
    • Bridge Club 27.5+: Shimano Deore components, including an M5100 32t crankset and an 11-speed, 11-51t cassette.
  • Brakes:
    • Lowside: Tektro Hydro M275/276 with 160/160mm rotors.
    • Bridge Club 27.5+: Tektro HD-M275 with 160mm rotors.
  • Handlebar:
    • Lowside: Surly Sunrise, offering a wide grip for better control on trails.
    • Bridge Club 27.5+: Salsa Bend, designed for comfort on both roads and trails.
  • Tires:
    • Lowside: Maxxis Rekon+ 27.5×2.8 60tpi, offering grip on trails.
    • Bridge Club 27.5+: WTB Trail Boss 27.5 x 2.4″, 27tpi, not Tubeless Ready, designed for versatility.
  • Ride Feel & Geometry:
    • Lowside: Agile and lively, suitable for tight trails and quick maneuvers. Its geometry is more aggressive, promoting a playful ride.
    • Bridge Club 27.5+: Balanced and comfortable, ideal for longer distances and diverse terrains. Its geometry ensures stability and comfort.


Shimano Deore M5100 Drivetrain: At its price point, the inclusion of a Shimano Deore M5100 drivetrain is a significant upgrade, promising reliable performance and durability.

Reliable Braking System: The bike is equipped with Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes, providing consistent stopping power, crucial for varying conditions and terrains.

High Direct Mount Front Derailleur: The high direct mount top-pull front derailleur option is not commonly found in bikes at this price point, allowing for greater customization of the drivetrain.

Threaded Bottom Bracket: The use of a 73mm threaded bottom bracket is a standout feature for ease of maintenance and durability, often reserved for higher-end models.

Bag, Rack and Fender Mounting Points

The Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ is equipped with the following mounting points to cater to all your gear-hauling needs:

Front Fork Mounts: There are multiple mounts on both sides of the front fork for water bottles, cargo cages, or front racks.

Rear Rack Mounts: The rear of the bike has mounts for attaching a standard rear rack for panniers or other gear.

Down Tube Mounts: The down tube has mounts for a water bottle cage or for attaching additional gear.

Under Downtube Mounts: Useful for attaching additional accessories or custom gear.

Seat Tube Mounts: The seat tube also has mounts for a water bottle cage.

Fender Mounts: The bike has mounts for full coverage fenders, which are essential for wet weather riding.

Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ Featured in the Wild

Surly Bridge Club Review: Versatility and Affordability

The Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ is lauded for its versatility and affordability, priced at $1,200. The bike is designed to cater to a wide range of cycling activities, from commuting and grocery shopping to dirt road touring and light trail action. The author, Cass Gilbert, praises the bike’s adaptability, stating, “It’s as if Surly has taken a step back, in a good way, to appraise the lay of the land. What are people really going to be doing with this bike?” Despite its budget-friendly price, the bike doesn’t skimp on essential features, making it a go-to choice for both new and experienced riders.

Two Unexpected Years with the Surly Bridge Club in Review – Ryan Wilson

In his review on The Radavist, Ryan Wilson describes the Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ as a versatile and agile bike that can handle both daily commuting and long-distance touring. Wilson praises the bike’s playful and spry handling, especially when compared to more expedition-focused bikes. He notes that the double-butted 4130 chromoly frame offers a compliant ride without feeling heavy. “It toes the line between loaded and unloaded riding admirably,” Wilson states. He also appreciates the bike’s many mounting points and its ability to handle a full touring load confidently.


Build Kit

The Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ features a reliable Shimano Deore M5100 drivetrain, including a Shadow Plus rear derailleur and an 11-51t cogset, offering a wide range of gears. Braking is handled by Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors, ensuring consistent stopping power. The bike rolls on WTB ST i21 TCS rims and Surly Extraterrestrial 700×41, 60tpi tubeless-ready tires, providing both durability and adaptability.


  • Frame: 100% Surly Chromoly Steel, Natch tubing, double-butted main triangle, TIG welded, E.D. coated
  • Fork: 100% Surly Chromoly Steel, Natch tubing, double-butted tapered fork blades, TIG welded, E.D. coated


Moss & Black(2023):


  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore RD-M5100, Shadow Plus
  • Cassette: Shimano Deore 11-speed, 11-51t
  • Chain: KMC X11
  • Crankset: Shimano Deore FC-M100, 32t
  • Shifter: Shimano Deore M5100 Rapid Fire
  • Brakes: Tektro Hydro HD-M275/276
  • Rotors: 160F/160R


  • Headset: Cane Creek
  • Stem: Salsa Guide 31.8, 60 mm
  • Handlebar: Salsa Bend
  • Grips / Bar Tape: Velo Black
  • Seatpost: Promax, 27.2mm
  • Saddle: WTB Volt


  • Front Hub: Novatec 9×100, 6-bolt disc
  • Rear Hub: Novatec 10×141, 6-bolt disc, 11-spd
  • Rims: WTB ST i29 TCS
  • Tires: WTB Trail Boss 27.5 x 2.4″, 27tpi, wire bead (NOT TUBELESS READY)

Whipped Butter(2024):


  • Crankset: Shimano Cues, 32t
  • Bottom Bracket: Shimano MT501
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Cues
  • Cassette: Shimano Cues, 11-50t, 11-speed
  • Chain: KMC X11


  • Grips / Bar Tape: Velo Black
  • Handlebar: Salsa Bend
  • Stem: Promax, 31.8mm
  • Headset: Cane Creek 40 Series, 1-1/8″ Threadless
  • Shifter: Shimano Cues
  • Brakes Calipers: Tektro Hydraulic
  • Rotors: Tektro 160/160, 6-bolt
  • Saddle: WTB Volt
  • Seatpost: Promax 27.2 x 350mm, 12mm offset


  • Front Hub: Novatec 9x100mm QR, 6-bolt disc
  • Rear Hub: Novatec 10x141mm QR, 6-bolt disc
  • Spokes: 14G Black
  • Rims: WTB ST i29 TCS, 32h
  • Tires: WTB Trail Boss 27.5 x 2.4″, 27tpi, wire bead (NOT TUBELESS READY)


Frame Construction

The Surly Bridge Club 27.5+ features a robust frame construction made from 4130 Chromoly steel with Natch tubing. The main triangle is double-butted and TIG welded for added strength, while an ED coating offers extra durability. The fork is similarly constructed, featuring double-butted tapered fork blades. The bike employs a vertical rear dropout configuration and offers “Gnot-Boost” 138mm rear hub spacing, compatible with 10 x 135mm or 10 x 141mm sizes. The front hub spacing is 10 x 100mm. Both front and rear brakes are disc-compatible with 51mm I.S., allowing for maximum rotor sizes of 203mm and 180mm, respectively. The head tube and steerer tube diameters are Ø34mm and Ø28.6mm, with a stock headset configuration of EC34/28.6 upper and EC34/30 lower. The seatpost diameter is Ø27.2mm, and the bike offers multiple chainring options, including 1x, 2x, and 3x setups. Tire clearance is versatile, accommodating a range of sizes from 26 x 3.0″ to 700c x 47″.


MY22 Bridge Club Geo

Reach 376 397 419 434.5 444
Stack 553 567 576 590 609
Head Tube Angle 70.0° 71.0° 71.0° 71.0° 71.0°
Head Tube Length 110 120 130 145 165
Seat Tube Length 335.6 406.4 457.2 508 558.8
BB Drop 60 60 60 60 60
Wheelbase 1032 1047.5 1073 1093 1109
Chainstay Length 435 435 435 435 435
Top Tube Length, Actual 534 547.5 570 591.5 610.3
Top Tube Length, Effective 545 570 595 615 630
Seat Tube Angle 73.0° 73.0° 73.0° 73.0° 73.0°
Standover Height 709 750.5 780 812 845.5
Stem Length 80 or 90 80 or 90 90 90 80, 90, or 100
Stem Angle
Handlebar Width 700 700 740 740 740
Crank Length 170 170 175 175 175
Fork Length 420 420 420 420 420
Fork Rake 43 43 43 43 43


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