Sunlite Schrader Tube 700 x 28-35mm (discontinued)

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This product has been discontinued.


Sunlite has done it again! After centuries of compiling SIVA and mixing ETHER chemicals, the mad scientists have created the Sunlite Schrader Tube 700 x 28-35mm! Excited? You should be. This isn’t your grandma’s bicycle tube. This tube will fit your 700c wheel and with a 28-32mm you be sure to get that nice fit.

Word around the Cosmodrome is that Sunlite created a time machine and this tube is from the future!

If you’re still reading this product description, I appreciate you. Writing these descriptions for tubes is difficult ya know? I mean, it’s a tube. a Bicycle donut! Air filling! Do not eat!

If you purchased this tube, please leave the most OUTRAGEOUS review down below. Why? because it’s fun and fun things are fun?


  • Round
  • Bicycle tube
  • Not a Car tube
  • Fills with air
  • Can’t be used to save lives in the ocean.
  • Specs

  • Size: 700×28-35 (27×1-1/8×1-1/4)
  • Valve Type: SV
  • Valve Length: 32mm
  • Valve Angle: 0d
  • Valve Stem: Smooth
  • Valve Core: Removable
  • Flat Fold Width: 30mm
  • Wall Thickness: 0.9mm