SON28 100mm x 15mm 36 Hole


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Our inspiring overview is coming soon. For now, here is what SON has to say:

The Schmidt Dynamo front hub or SON (Schmidt’s Original Nabendynamo) is extremely reliable and has almost no drag. Made by Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau in Tubingen, Germany, the hub is quiet and is designed to give at least 50,000 kilometers of trouble free riding between servicings. The hub powers many different six volt headlights including Schmidt’s own Edelux II LED headlight and assorted taillights, both halogen and LED headlamps and taillights made by Busch & Muller in Meinerzhagen, Germany, Supernova lights, and Spanninga lights.

The SON is extremely popular amongst long distance cyclists who need reliable lighting for all night cycling in any weather conditions. Brevet riders would rather have light when they need it, and don’t want to carry batteries for a 1200k event. Bicycle commuters and people who don’t require an automobile depend on the SON to make their cycling safe and efficient all year long in sun, rain and snow. Touring cyclists need light to make it to their next campground on a long day’s trip. I use one on my mountian bike for night rides, and my road bike has one with the light switched “On” all the time.

Many cyclists want to charge a cell phone or GPS while they ride. The SON hubs are ideal for this purpose. We have several AC to DC converters for this purpose.

When your bicycle can make its own light, it becomes a reliable means of transportation, not just a toy or play thing for an afternoon’s entertainment or exercise. With an automobile, you take its lights for granted. You get in the car, turn on a switch, and drive on down the road with the light you need. With the SON, you can take quality lighting on your bicycle for granted, just as you do in a car, making your bicycle just as convenient to use for everyday transportation as an automobile.

All versions of the hub now have a five year warrantee.


Our in-depth features analysis are forthcoming. For now, here is how SON puts it:

  • Compatible with 6-Bolt ISO Disc Brakes


Our clear and concise specs will be ready soon. For now, here is how SON puts it:

  • Weight: 480 g
  • 6 Volt / 3 Watts
  • Color: Black Anodized
  • For 6-Bolt ISO Disc Brake
  • For 100mm x 15mm Thru Axles


All SON products are backed by warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

Please see our Warranty page for the details of our warranty process as well as additional information regarding the SON warranty policy.