Salsa Journeyer GRX 810, 700c


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Embark on the journey of a lifetime with the Salsa Journeyer GRX 810, 700c, a bicycle designed for the call of bikepacking and beyond. Merging the resilience of its aluminum frame with Salsa’s signature carbon Waxwing fork, it promises comfort and confidence. Its 700c x 38 mm wheels, reminiscent of a trusty hiking boot, paired with Shimano’s elite GRX 810 components, ensure reliability wherever you wander. Whether setting camp amidst the desert’s whisper or under a woodland canopy, the Journeyer turns every ride into a cherished chapter of your cycling saga.  Are you ready for it? This Journeyer is ready for you!


Embark on the journey of a lifetime with the Salsa Journeyer GRX 810, 700c. Imagine a steed that effortlessly glides over gravel, dances through town, and beckons you to the call of bikepacking. Built upon a resilient aluminum frame and Salsa’s signature carbon Waxwing fork, this bike promises both comfort and unwavering confidence. Its 700c x 38 mm wheels are the perfect marriage of speed and grip, reminiscent of a well-worn hiking boot on a mountain trail. And with Shimano’s elite GRX 810 components at your fingertips, every click of the shifter is poetry in motion. Let the Journeyer be your compass, guiding you through the chapters of your cycling story.

And speaking of bikepacking, the Salsa Journeyer GRX 810, 700c is itching to fulfill your bicycle travel destiny.  Imagine the whisper of the desert wind or the symphony of woodland creatures as you set camp. With the Journeyer, loading up your bikepacking bags becomes a prelude to the adventure, not a chore. Whether you’re seeking solace in the desert’s embrace or the woods’ comforting canopy, this bicycle ensures your journey is as memorable as the destination. The call of the wild beckons; are you ready to answer?

Geometry & Ride Characteristics

CAD of 53cm Salsa Journeyer GRX 600, 700c (Identical geometry to the Journeyer GRX 810, 700c) (Use to compare/contrast bicycle geometries)

vs. the Salsa Journeyer GRX 600, 700c

The Salsa Journeyer GRX 600, with its Shimano GRX RX600 drivetrain, is a more economical version of the Salsa Journeyer GRX 810, 700c. While both bikes share the same frame, the primary differences lie in the componentry as follows:

  • Groupsets:
    • GRX 600: Equipped with Shimano GRX RX600 components.
    • GRX 810: Features the higher-end Shimano GRX RX810 components, offering smoother and more precise shifting.
  • Front Derailleur:
    • GRX 600: Comes with Shimano GRX RX810.
    • GRX 810: Does not have a front derailleur (N/A).
  • Rear Derailleur:
    • GRX 600: Uses Shimano GRX RX810.
    • GRX 810: Also uses Shimano GRX RX812.
  • Cassette:
    • GRX 600: Shimano HG700, 11–34t, 11-speed.
    • GRX 810: Shimano M7000 11–42t, 11-speed.
  • Crankset:
    • GRX 600: Shimano GRX RX600, 46/30t.
    • GRX 810: Shimano GRX RX810, 40t on sizes 53 cm + (Shimano GRX RX600, 40t, 165mm arms on sizes 49 and 51 cm).
  • Brakes and Rotors:
    • GRX 600: Shimano GRX RX400 brakes, Shimano RT10 rotors (Center Lock, 160 mm).
    • GRX 810: Shimano GRX RX810 brakes, Shimano RT10 rotors (Center Lock, 160 mm).
  • Ride Feel:
    • GRX 600: Provides a versatile ride suitable for varied terrains due to its gearing range.
    • GRX 810: Offers a performance-oriented ride with smoother and more precise shifting due to its premium components.

vs. the Salsa Vaya GRX 600



Versatile Geometry: The Salsa Journeyer GRX 810, 700c is designed with a geometry that’s optimized for both on-road and off-road cycling. This flexibility in design allows it to cater to a wide range of riders, making it a unique choice in its price bracket.

High-quality Drivetrain: The bike is fitted with Shimano’s GRX RX812 components, ensuring seamless gear changes and long-lasting performance. This high-quality drivetrain sets it apart from other bikes that may compromise on component quality.

Integrated Cable Routing: This model stands out for its internal cable routing system, which not only enhances the bike’s visual appeal but also reduces the chance of cable wear and tear, providing a minor aerodynamic benefit.

Bag, Rack and Fender Mounting Points

The Salsa Journeyer GRX 810, 700c is equipped with the following mounting points to cater to all your gear-hauling needs:

Front Fork Mounts: There are multiple mounts on both sides of the front fork for water bottles, cargo cages, or front racks.

Front Rack Mounts: Lowrider compatible. Salsa Down Under rack recommended.

Rear Rack Mounts: The bike’s rear is equipped with mounting points for a standard rear rack, suitable for panniers or additional equipment.

Seat Tube Mounts: The seat tube also has mounts for a water bottle cage.

Down Tube Mounts: The down tube has mounts for a water bottle cage or for attaching additional gear.

Under Downtube Mount: There’s a mount under the down tube for attaching additional gear.

Fender Mounts: These mounts are strategically placed for installing fenders, offering added protection against mud and water spray.

Salsa Journeyer GRX 810, 700c Featured in the Wild

Salsa Journeyer GRX 700c Review – Perfect for Those Just Starting to Explore Gravel

The Salsa Journeyer GRX 700c is highlighted as a versatile gravel bike, adept at handling everything from smooth asphalt to challenging singletrack. Its standout white color, despite being prone to showing dirt, has proven resilient even after rigorous rides. The bike’s construction boasts an aluminum frame, carbon fiber fork, and a mix of Shimano GRX components. Its geometry leans towards stability, making it ideal for longer rides where comfort is paramount. As Tim Peck mentions, “The most impressive quality of the Journeyer is its versatility and ability to fulfill the needs of a number of different types of riding.” The bike’s adaptability, combined with its cargo capacity, makes it a top choice for various gravel adventures.


Build Kit

The Salsa Journeyer GRX 810, 700c drivetrain is composed of a Shimano GRX RX812 rear derailleur and an 11-speed Shimano M7000 cassette with a range of 11–42t. The bike employs Shimano GRX RX810 brakes paired with Shimano RT10 rotors for reliable stopping power. For rider comfort, it features a Salsa Cowbell 3 handlebar and a WTB Volt Medium saddle. The wheelset, equipped with Shimano Tiagra hubs and WTB EZR i23 rims, is wrapped in Teravail Washburn tubeless-ready tires.


  • Frame: Journeyer Drop-Bar Thru-Axle Aluminium
  • Fork: Waxwing Carbon


  • Front Derailleur: N/A
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano GRX RX812
  • Cassette: Shimano M7000 11–42t, 11-speed
  • Chain: Shimano HG601
  • Crankset: Shimano GRX RX810, 40t on sizes 53 cm + (Shimano GRX RX600, 40t, 165mm arms on sizes 49 and 51 cm)
  • Shifter: Shimano GRX RX810-R/LA
  • Brakes: Shimano GRX RX810 brakes
  • Rotors: Shimano RT10 rotors (Center Lock, 160 mm)


  • Headset: FSA NO.42 ACB IS-2
  • Stem: Salsa Guide 31.8, 6-degree
  • Handlebar: Salsa Cowbell 3, 31.8
  • Grips / Bar Tape: Black Cork
  • Seatpost: Salsa Guide, 27.2 x 350 mm
  • Saddle: WTB Volt Steel Medium, 142 x 265 mm


  • Front Wheel: Shimano Tiagra RS470 12 x 100 mm hub, WTB EZR i23 28h 700c rim
  • Rear Wheel: Shimano Tiagra RS470 12 x 142 mm hub, WTB EZR i23 28h 700c rim
  • Tires: Teravail Washburn, 700c x 38 mm, 60 tpi, Durable casing, tubeless ready

Frame Construction

The Salsa Journeyer GRX 810 features a frame constructed from robust 6061-T6 Aluminium alloy tubing, which is heat-treated for extra strength and durability and is complemented by a Waxwing Carbon fork. This design integrates a Press Fit BB68 bottom bracket with dimensions of 41 x 92 mm and supports a 27.2 mm seatpost. For enhanced stability and accurate alignment, the bike uses a rear spacing of 142 x 12 mm Thru-axle, paired with a Ø12 x 169 rear axle size. Additionally, the frame is designed with a front spacing of 100 x 15 mm Thru-axle, utilizing an M12 x 120 mm thru-axle. The frame also features the SRAM UDH derailleur hanger and is compatible with internal dropper post routing.


Journeyer GRX 810 700c frame

Size 49cm 51cm 53cm 55cm 57cm 60cm
A. Effective Top Tube 493 510 530 550 570 600
B. Stand Over 613.5 648.5 684.5 720.5 756.5 803.5
C. Reach 366 368 372 376 387 408
D. Stack 510 528 552 570 598 627
E. Total Seat Tube Length 340 380 410 450 490 520
F. Headtube Length 90 105 130 150 180 210
G. Headtube Angle 68.5 69.5 69.5 69.5 69.5 69.5
H. Seat Tube Angle 76 75 74 73 73 73
I. BB Drop 70 70 70 70 70 70
K. Chainstay Length 440 440 440 440 440 440
L. Fork Length Axle to Crown 402 402 402 402 402 402
M. Fork Offset 50 50 50 50 50 50
N. Wheelbase 1027 1028 1040 1050 1072 1104
Crank Arm Length 165 165 170 172.5 175 175
Handlebar Width 380 400 420 440 460 460
Recommended Rider Height 142 – 152cm 150 – 160cm 157 – 170cm 165 – 178cm 173 – 185cm 183 – 196cm
Stem Length 60 70 80 80 90 100

Measurements based on:

  • a fork measuring 405mm with 50mm offset
  • a 700 x 38mm tire measuring 706 mm in diameter
  • Stand over measured vertically to top of top tube from a position 50mm forward of BB center



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Damage to carbon fiber caused by any carbon assembly paste

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