Surly Mountain Frame Bag



For your Surly ECR, Ogre, Karate Monkey, Troll, or 1×1 bike. Instead of a bike rack, maximize the carrying space in the front triangle — the ideal spot for weight distribution.


New Sizing for Surly Bikes please review size chart in images.

Maximize the carrying space in the front triangle of a Surly brand ECR, Ogre, Karate Monkey, Troll, 1×1 or Krampus bike with a frame bag made just for the space.

Your panniers will never admit it, but they really don’t like singletrack much.

A frame bag is a softer sort of bike rack — an alternative to panniers on a rear bike rack. Carry gear, clothing, food or a hydration bladder. What gear? Your wallet, keys, cell phone, tube, pump, tools… For short trips or bikepacking.

The front triangle is the ideal spot for weight distribution for improved handling — and a frame bag is just the thing for that spot. They are lightweight and keep your cargo centered low between your wheels and body.

Made of Dimension Polyant VX 42, a synthetic sailcloth. Durable, rip resistant, and tightly woven and laminated to make it highly water resistant. Not waterproof; we recommend using drybags inside if you risk riding in extended downpours or underwater.

Quality YKK brand water-resistant zippers get you inside. The large main compartment has a flexible divider inside, as well as a a hidden pocket. A smaller compartment is perfect for things you’ll need to access quickly, like your map, phone, hard boiled eggs, uncontained pudding, marbles for playing marbles, your dugout, that ring you found that makes you disappear when you put it on, etc.

The front is flared a bit to maximize cargo space, and also functions adequately as a downtube wheel spray skirt.

This pack will last you for many miles.

NOTE: Frame bags will wear your frame’s finish through repetitive rubbing as the bike is ridden. This wear can be minimized by using clear tape where the frame bag comes in contact with the frame, but cannot be entirely avoided. Wear to your frame from a frame bag is not covered under warranty. As Revelate says, “A bike that gets ridden alot should look like it gets ridden alot!”


  • Flared front section for additional storage volume
  • Driveside zippered access to main compartment area
  • Non-driveside zippered access to smaller, essentials pocket
  • Sizes Medium through XL feature vertical Velcro divider in main compartment for load control and gear division
  • White and yellow bag interior for high visibility
  • Water resistant zippers with zipper garages help keep your gear dry
  • Forward pull-tabs facilitate unzipping
  • Strategically placed Velcro attachment points avoid cable guide braze-ons and secure the bag and load
  • Sewn-on Revelate Designs label
  • Compatible with Revelate Designs Gas Tank accessory item
  • Main body constructed of Dimension Polyant VX 42 material for scuff, tear, and water resistance
  • High quality YKK water-resistant zippers (#10 size for main compartment, #8 size for smaller pocket)
  • Padded downtube and seat tube sections protect the load and the frame at the waterbottle boss areas
  • Ballistic nylon downtube and seat tube sections minimize wear for longer frame bag lifespan


  • Bag 6
    • ST x TT x DT x W: 20cm x 43cm x 49cm x 5cm (5cm lower) / 8″ x 17″ x 19.5″ x 2″ (2″ lower)
    • Weight: 431g / 15.2oz
    • Volume Capacity: 10L / 648 cu in
  • Bag 7
    • ST x TT x DT x W: 23cm x 47cm x 52cm x 5cm (5cm lower) / 9″ x 18.5″ x 20.5″ x 2″ (2″ lower)
    • Weight: 431g / 15.2oz
    • Volume Capacity: 10L / 648 cu in
  • Bag 8
    • ST x TT x DT x W: 27cm x 52cm x 56cm x 5cm (5cm lower) / 10.5″ x 20.5″ x 22″ x 2″ (2″ lower)
    • Weight: 431g / 15.2oz
    • Volume Capacity: 10L / 648 cu in
  • Bag 9
    • ST x TT x DT x W: 47cm x 33cm x 58cm x 5cm (5cm lower) / 13″ x 21.5″ x 23.5″ x 2″ (2″ lower)
    • Weight: 431g / 15.2oz
    • Volume Capacity: 10L / 648 cu in
  • Bag 10
    • ST x TT x DT x W: 36cm x 57cm x 63cm x 5cm (5cm lower) / 14.5″ x 22.8″ x 25″ x 2″ (2″ lower)
    • Weight: 431g / 15.2oz
    • Volume Capacity: 10L / 648 cu in
  • Bag Dimensions Key
    • ST = Along Seat Tube
    • TT = Along Top Tube
    • DT = Along Down Tube
    • W = Width


All Revelate Designs Bags are backed by warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

Revelate Designs warranty policy (we apply these same standards):

Revelate bags are made from high quality materials and will stand up to the use for which they are designed. In standing by this guarantee, Revelate Designs provides a warranty to the original owner on all products purchased through authorized sources against defects in materials and workmanship. If any issue arises regarding materials or workmanship please contact us (Revelate Designs) via email for evaluation and return instructions. If an item is found to be under warranty we(Revelate Designs) will repair or replace at our discretion, free of charge. We (Revelate Designs) require a dated proof of purchase.

What the Revelate Designs warranty doesn’t cover: damages involving zipper wear, general wear and tear, improper use & improper mounting (seat bag damage due to tire hits or tire-rub holes, handlebar damage), alterations made by owner, damages due to accident or caused by uses other than intended. Bikepacking gear is intended for off road use and ultimate adventures. Constant use or heavy intermittent use will cause your bags to develop character. If your bag needs extra love, we (Revelate Designs) will do our best to repair it at a reasonable cost (labor & materials) and put it back in service.

All items sent for repair assessment must be clean. Bags should be hand wash and hang dried (washer/dryer agitation can cause additional damage). Soiled bags will not be assessed and will be returned for cleaning.

Please see our Warranty page for the details of our warranty process.

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Mark A.
Half in the bag

When it's time to pack up and get out of town this frame pack has you covered. Relevant designs always produces a quality durable product. This bag is as bomb proof as surely bikes. Money well spent.

Nick C.
Space and durability

Just took this pack on its first multi-day trip and it was great! So much room for tools, snacks, first aid, and a variety of other items. Super durable and sturdy.

Douglas S.
Great bag - thought it would hold a little more

The quality and material of Revelate bags is second to none. The fact is though, frame bags don't hold as much gear or food as I thought but that's ok. Just have to plan more effectively.

William R.

I have mounted the bag on my xl BC and it fits like it was made for it.. The bag is the older version and not as pictured. My bag does not have the hart patch or the Revelate logo and the accent panel in the bag is red. This fits with my "Diving board blue" BC. The bag covers 5x braze-on which I might modify the bag to use for direct mounting. The zippers work, the velco panel is there and my normal kit is lost in the extra space.

A Customer
Jamie R.
love this!

I've had the bag on my Krampus for a few weeks now and I love it. I'm getting ready to take my first multiday trip, but I already feel confident in its construction and quality. Can't go wrong with Revelate Designs! Surly Mountain Frame Bag Review