Radical Design Cyclone IV Skeleton (Discontinued)

The Radical Design Cyclone IV Trailer without its bag. All bones, no flesh. Attach your DIY bags, crates or carriers. Weighs nine pounds but carries up 88 pounds.

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This product has been discontinued.


The Cyclone IV Skeleton is the multiple award-winning Radical Design Cyclone IV Trekking Trailer without the bag. All bones, no flesh.

Attach your DIY bags, crates or carriers. Weighs only nine pounds but carries up 88 pounds of weight.

The robust design and very low rolling resistance, make this perfect trailer for moving loads with your bike.

The cyclone is a two wheeler, so it is not affected by the leaning of your bike. (Put another way: the trailer won’t fall over just because your bike did.)

The tow bar connects to your bike’s rear hub for minimal effect on your bike’s handling. Your rear rack (if you have one) is still available for a rear bike child seat, or a bike trunk bag.

Insert the wheels into the rear axle bushings and the Cyclone IV becomes a walking trailer — and for more convenient towing by foot, use the Radical Design Cyclone Walking Towbar.

Folds for compact storage. TIG-welded frame bushings mean a strong and secure connection of the wheels to the frame, even with heavy loads and high speeds. The wheels are equipped with industrial sealed bearings, ensuring minimal rolling resistance and maximum security.

    Radical Design offers a limited warranty on manufacturing defects. All warranty issues are assessed on a case by case basis.

  • 1 alloy frame
  • 1 tow bar 20 in or 26 in
  • 2 wheels with pneumatic tires
  • 1 hitch (bike side)
  • 1 hitch (trailer side)
  • 1 manual
  • 1 tow bar attachment bolt M10x30
  • 2 quick-release axles
  • 2 spacers