Quoc Pham Urbanite Low Commuting Shoe (discontinued)

When gorgeous style and perfect cycling function meet, Quoc Pham shoes is what you get. Hand made by true shoe craftsman, and individually numbered, the Urbanite SPD shoe will definitely turn heads.

This product has been discontinued.


Classic cycling shoes seem to be making a comeback. I blame (thank?) the hipsters. While they may ruin some of the most amazing things for the rest of us, ahem beards, they also seem to have the ability to bring lost ideas back to the forefront. In the case of the cycling shoe world they have definitely done the later.

The Quoc Pham Urbanite is the perfect, understated, but very classy, cycling shoe. With its handmade natural leather upper and rubber sole, this shoe has the aesthetic of an old skool classic “sneaker” while combining the functionality of a low profile SPD shoe. The beautiful hand crafted leather upper is warm and wind resistant for when its cold but breathes so easy during the warming summer months.

If a functional cycling shoe with understated and classic style is what you are looking for than the Quoc Pham Urbanite Low could well be the perfect shoe for you.

  • Hand made leather upper
  • Modern Rubber Sole
  • SPD compatible
  • 3m Reflective Strip Down the Heel
  • Sizes: