Platypus Drink Tube Kit


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Replaces Hoser drink tube or converts any threaded-opening Platypus bottle to a reservoir.


The updated Platypus Drink Tube Kit offers two great options: 1) It replaces an old or damaged Hoser drink tube, and 2) It converts any Platypus bottle product with a threaded-opening into a handy hydration reservoir.

The kit comes with the threaded closure, a ¼” drink tube, a lapel clip, and the new fast-flowing HyFLO bite valve.


Suitable for replacing an old or damaged Hoser™ drink tube.

Converts any Platypus bottle with a threaded-opening into a hydration reservoir.

Includes a threaded closure for secure attachment.

Comes with a ¼” drink tube for easy sipping.

Features a lapel clip for convenient tube positioning.

Equipped with the new fast-flowing HyFLO™ bite valve for easier drinking.


Weight: 2.1 oz (0.06 kg)

Width: 0.7 in

Length: 40 in (102 cm)

Height: 1 in

Bite Valve Material: Silicone


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