Ortlieb Seat-Packs (Add-on)

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Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR

Whether you’re riding singletrack, mountain passes or gravel routes, with the waterproof Seat-Pack QR you are ready for every bike adventure. With the innovative and patented Seat-Lock attachment system and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric, the bag is super stable, quickly mounted and just as quickly removed without leaving any residue. And with the help of a special adapter of just 4.3 centimeter in width, this bag can even be used with a dropper post.

Ortlieb Seat-Pack Medium

The ORTLIEB Seat-Pack M is compact and spacious at the same time. Offering a payload of 11 liters, the waterproof seat bag offers alot of stowage space for sizeable items that are not so heavy such as clothing and personal care items. The inside and bottom of the bag are stiffened, which ensures stability even in bumpy terrain. Thanks to the roll closure, adjustable straps and an additional compression valve, you can reduce your loaded Seat-Pack to an extremely compact size.

Ortlieb Seat-Pack Large

A bike packing seat from Ortlieb! That’s right you heard me! Ortlieb has jumped into the wonderful world of adventure cycling.

The Seat Pack is 100% waterproof with RF welded seams with capacity of 8-16 liters to accommodate all your most important gear and keep it bone dry… no matter what the weather brings!

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The Ortlieb Seat-Pack is an easy to use, waterproof bag that will fit most railed saddles (except carbon ones) using a patented Seat-Lock attachment that is dropper compatible. The initial investment is a fair price to pay for the life you’re going to get from these bags.

We have a variety of Seat-Pack sizes ranging from 8 litres all the way up to 16.5 litres, which is more than sufficient to store your clothing as well as other odds and ends. Making the best choice on what Seat-Pack to get involves thinking through what size you’ll prefer, if you are looking for an extra stiff style and if it needs to work with a dropper post.