Ortlieb Seat-Pack Accessories

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Ortlieb Seat-Pack Support-Strap

Use these support straps to attach your Seat-Pack even more securely to your bike. The straps give additional staying power to your pack and effectively prevent it from slipping down as a result of an unfavorable distribution of gear.

Wolf Tooth Valais Dropper Post Seat Bag Adapter

While the classic seat pack is a great place to store little-used essentials out of the elements, their mounting systems can interfere with and often damage modern dropper seatposts. Valais allows the use of a traditional seat bag on a dropper seatpost.

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Seat-packs are an ideal place to securely store the essentials, ensuring that they’re always on hand when needed while freeing up the top tube and handlebar bags for more regularly-accessed items. We have a few accessories in stock that we think will ensure you get the most out of your Seat-pack.

The Ortlieb Support strap will help stabilise and secure your load effectively preventing it from slipping down or swaying. The second accessory is a nifty Seat-Pack mount from Wolf Tooth Components that acts as a clamp for your dropper post, protecting carbon bikes from wear and limiting travel as well as preventing your Seat-Pack from rubbing your rear tire.