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These Hooks Seat-Pack QR give you a very easy way to replace the hooks on your Seat-Pack QR. Ortlieb’s  How-To video shows you exactly what to do



These are replacement hooks designed for the Seat-Pack QR, allowing you to attach it to the saddle rail securely. With these Seat-Pack QR hooks, you can effortlessly swap out the hooks on your Seat-Pack QR.

Even if the original hooks on your Seat-Pack QR differ from these replacement hooks, there’s no need to worry. Ortlieb enhanced these replacement hooks to ensure compatibility with a wider range of saddle models.


Spare hooks for the quick-release bracket of the ORTLIEB SEAT-PACK QR saddle bag

Shorter hooks than the previous model, ideal for saddles with deep saddle edges

Set consisting of 2 hooks with strap


Material: plastic


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