Ortlieb Protective Cap Handlebar-Pack QR


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The Protective Cap Handlebar-Pack QR protects your handlebars from pressure or abrasion damage and also makes it possible to securely mount the pack on carbon handlebars. Simple press the caps onto the two contact surfaces of the mounting set and you can fasten the mounting set or the Handlebar-Pack QR as usual.


Introducing Handlebar Protective Caps, designed to be used in conjunction with the Handlebar Pack QR and Handlebar Mounting Set QR.

These Protective Caps for the Handlebar-Pack QR serve a dual purpose: they safeguard your handlebar from potential pressure or friction damage and enable secure installation even on carbon handlebars. To use them, simply press the caps onto the two bearing surfaces of the mounting set, and you can then proceed to attach your mounting set or your Handlebar-Pack QR as usual.


Protective Caps: Designed for use with the HANDLEBAR-PACK QR bag.

Minimize Damage: Reduces the risk of pressure or friction damage from the bag holder.

Carbon-Friendly: Suitable for use on carbon handlebars.


Material: plastic


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