Ortlieb Handlebar-Packs (Add-on)

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Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack

Ortlieb has done it! They are now in the Bike Packing category and with some of the most thoughtful products we have seen in a long time.

Ortlieb Accessory-Pack

Things just got interesting! Ortlieb, the world leader in bike touring and commuting bags just jumped into the bike packing category! Ortlieb is known worldwide for make high quality bags that are totally waterproof and have high tech welded seams.

Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack QR

This waterproof Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack was made with convenience in mind. The quick release design means that it doesn't need a mounting bracket making it the perfect companion for bikepacking trips.

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In addition to panniers, Ortlieb offers a variety of rugged, waterproof and sturdy handlebar packs that work well with both mountain bikes and gravel tourers alike. These bags are a great spot to store things like tents, sleeping bags, pads, extra clothing and any bulky items.

Your Ortlieb handlebar bag choice begins by deciding whether you want a top-loading handlebar bag or a handlebar roll and then narrowing  down to the  volume that works best for you, then determining which options will fit your handlebar width.