Grip Options

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PNW Loam Grips

We can’t promise to keep your hands warm as the seasons change, but we can keep your paws feeling fresh with our all new Loam Grip. We packed this grip full of features, like an ultra tacky compound and ergonomic pattern to support your palms and help relieve any fatigue caused by trail chatter and long days in the saddle.

ESI Chunky Grips

A 32mm diameter, 100% silicone grip that provides shock absorption and increases comfort and control on the bike.

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Want to add some pizzaz to your handlebars? We’ve got a few of our favorites grip options which are sure to impress your friends with your color coordination keenness all while showing your hands how much you love them and all that they do for you.

***Please Note: We keep the original grips and install these grips for you.