Campfire Cycling Voile Strap – 32″


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Voile Strap Keeper 4-Pack

Friction fit to our 3/4" Voile Straps: the Strap Keeper offers increased security for exposed loads, and new levels of tidiness for those who admire a well-dialed rig.

Note: Does not fit the XL size (1" wide) Voile Straps!

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Strap in for adventure with our Campfire Cycling branded straps, the rugged solution for securing gear on the go.

With a non-reflective nylon buckle, they’re the reliable alternative to duct tape and bungee cords, ready for any repair or bundle job you throw at them.


Our Campfire Cycling branded straps take a cue from the popular Voile Straps®, crafted from robust stretch polyurethane that braves the sun’s harsh rays without breaking a sweat. The ultra-durable nylon buckle is gentle on your gear and stealthy in the wild, shunning all things reflective and conductive.

Whether you’re securing gear on the trail or making impromptu repairs, these straps are your go-to fix-it-all. And when you find a new way to use them, which you inevitably will, we’re all ears – share your strap savvy with us!


Non-Marring: These straps protect your gear without leaving a trace, ensuring a snug fit without any scuffs or marks.

Non-Conductive: Perfect for electrical environments, they won’t carry a current, keeping you and your equipment safe.

Won’t Slip: Engineered for a grip that stays put, these straps promise a hold that’s as secure as your love for the open road.

Holds Tight: Like a trusty friend, they cling on through thick and thin, ensuring nothing comes loose when you’re on the move.

Super Strong: Crafted for strength, they can handle the heaviest of loads with the ease of a seasoned lifter.

UV Resistant: Sunlight’s got nothing on them; they’re built to resist UV damage and keep their integrity day in and day out.

Works in Extreme Weather: Come rain, snow, or desert heat, these straps are your steadfast companions, unphased by the whims of the weather.

Daisy Chain Together: For those bigger jobs, link them up in a daisy chain for an unbreakable bond that extends as far as you need.

Time-Tested Design: With a legacy of over 30 years, their design has been refined to near perfection, trusted by adventurers and handymen alike.


  • Usable Length Range: 5.5in — 29.7in / 14cm — 75.3cm
  • Material: UV-Resistant Polyurethane
  • Buckle: Super-Tough® Nylon