BOT on Board Gift Pack

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Whether you’re shopping for a minimalist or a maximalist, you can’t go wrong by getting your favorite bikepacker this Vargo BOT on Board Gift Pack. The BOT is a do-it all cooking pot that has various DIY uses which the recipient of this gift will joyously discover while on the trail.

This is a great gift that will have your favorite bikepacker transitioning from ziplock bags and empty peanut butter cans to a watertight, easy to pack titanium pot that will serve them for years to come. Stoke the fire of your favorite bikepacker with this amazing gift pack!

Vargo BOT HD

Reduce weight, frustration, and complications from your hydration and cooking systems with the Titanium BOT HD. No need for a separate pot lifter! Use it as a water bottle, cooking pot, mug (beer stein!), and cold soak container or use it to measure, carry, and store anything you need it to.

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Voile Nylon Buckle Straps - 20" × 2

These Voile Straps® are made of tough stretch polyurethane, with a UV-resistant additive to increase their lifespan. Their Super Tough nylon buckle is non-marring, non-conductive, and non-reflective. Few things in life are as reliable as the original Voile Strap®.

Problem Solvers Bow Ties

The Problem Solvers Bow Tie strap anchor kit converts any water bottle mount to a multi-function mount point for anything that can be securely attached with straps. The Bowtie has a 3lb maximum capacity per pair.

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