Banjo Brothers Folding Grocery Bag Pannier (Discontinued)

Getting things done by bike begins with a grocery solution. This pannier perfectly fits standard paper grocery bags, and also works with plastic bags. Built-in shoulder strap. Folds flat. 1100 cu in.

This product has been discontinued.


Trying to get more done by bike — and less by car — begins with a grocery solution. This pannier perfectly fits standard paper grocery bags, and also works with plastic bags. Use the built-in shoulder strap while in the store shopping, or when bringing in your grocery haul.

It folds flat and snug against your bike when not in use, and waits patiently for the next shopping opportunity.

Built to last with ripstop front and sides, ballistic fabric in high-wear areas, a plated-steel frame, and a rigid polymer liner to prevent sagging.

A capacity of 1100 cubic inches or one standard paper grocery bag.

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  • Ripstop front and sides with ballistic fabric in high-wear areas
  • Adjustable quick-attach elastic attachment
  • Plated-steel frame and rigid polymer liner prevent sagging
  • Includes shoulder strap and handles; great for shopping
  • Capacity: 1100 cubic inches / 18 liters / 1 brown paper grocery bag
  • Length: 13 in
  • Width: 8 in
  • Height: 11.5 in
    • The Banjo Brothers are deadly serious about product quality and want to make sure that you only say nice things about us when talking the finer points of bike accessories with your pals. We vow to stand behind any product that is defective. Our warranty policy is simple — if your bag is messed up due to a defect in materials or workmanship for the life of the bag, we fix it no questions asked. That doesn’t mean you can beat the living snot out it and expert to return it to us as defective. I think we can both let common sense be our guide here. Think of it this way, if your Mom would be OK with you claiming something as a product defect, then chances are it is a defect and the bag should and will be repaired or replaced.

There’s plenty of evidence to support our claims of being fair minded on the “internets” – so there you have it. Bags will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. In many cases, if you don’t live next door, product photos, concise descriptions of your problems, how old the product is and where you purchased it are all keys to having your problems solved quickly and without hassle. You can also “Register Your Bag” on our site to keep track of some of the details.

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Stacey N.

Banjo Brothers Folding Grocery Bag Pannier

This bag just arrived. I am confused about how to attach it to my bike rack. Does it simply sit on the two tiny clips that hand on the rack? Can you please explain to me what someone meant when they said to cinch the elastic at the bottom? My bag doesn't seem to have any. Also, what is the strap thingy that is on the back - it's got an elastic loop and a triangle silver hook. I want this to loop around the bike rack somehow and hook back on to itself or the rack, but it doesn't seem too. Can someone please explain this?

Carrie S.

Banjo Brothers Folding Grocery Bag Pannier

Great bag for groceries and other stuff. I regularly use it to shuttle my library books back to the library. I like it much better than a basket as it folds for easy storage in my garage. Sturdy and easy to hook to the frame on the back of my bike.

Michael E.

Banjo Brothers Folding Grocery Bag Pannier

The size of this pannier is nice--and so is the concept. Unfortunately the design and construction are poor.

To begin with, the first time you actually load a full bag of groceries into it, you'll discover that the bag won't really handle the weight. More than five or ten pounds will "pull" the bag away from the rack, and after a while, the back panel of the bag is bent and warped from stress.

The bigger problem, though, is the clips that ostensibly hold the bag onto your rear rack: they simply don't hold. All it takes is one or two uses before they loosen up; then, as soon as you hit a bump or a patch of rough road, they're prone to jump right off the rail. (And, needless to say, your groceries spill all over the street.)

What a bag like this--i.e., one designed for carrying groceries--need-s is locking, clamp-type clips, a la Vaude. Without them, it's sort of a waste of money. --- Banjo Brothers has submitted the following response to this review: a.) the bags will easily and reliably hold 15-20 lbs b.) The simple hook attachment is not a problem unless the rack rails are too large ( greater than 12mm) and bending? Not usually - if ever -without tools. c.) Even though bags are not clamp-on there are few issues with coming off the rails unless: heel clearance is causing the rider the inadvertently knock the bag off the rack or racks with little in the way of rear support, a load shift can allow the bag to rotate back towards the rear wheel. You can tweak the hooks in this scenario, but it's a pretty violent action. This is not a bag problem, but a rack problem and user error for using a rack unsuitable for pannier.