Arkel Rollpacker Front Bag & Rack Kit


Arkel’s nifty handlebar bag is for all you bikepackers who like to keep things simple and fumctional. It’s got dual-end openings and handy compartments to stash your gear, making your rides smooth and your stuff handy.


This is a great handlebar bag for minimalist riders and bikepackers. Its opening from both ends and its compartments make this handlebar bag very functional to use for your adventures!


100% Waterproof: Safely carry your essentials, shielded from the elements, no matter how heavy the downpour.

Very Stable and Light Aluminum Hanger: Enjoy a smooth ride without the sway, even on the roughest roads.

Quickly Slide the Bag On and Off the Rack: Hassle-free attachment means more time riding and less time packing.

Access with One Hand: Reach for snacks or a jacket from the front pocket, even while pedaling.

Main Pocket Opens from Both Ends: Easily find what you need without digging around.

Load More Gear: There’s ample space for your tent, poles, or foam pad, either on top or underneath the bag.

2023 – Updated Rack Installation: Now with straps only on the stem for a cleaner setup and no fork-mounted straps.

Versatile Fitting: Not just for the front; this bag also pairs with the Rear RollPacker Rack.

Ethically Made in Canada: Crafted with XPac RX30 recycled fabric for sustainable quality.

*This kit include the aluminum hanger and the bag.


Rollpacker 15

  • Volume: 15L / 925 cu. in.
  • Weight of Hanger and Bag: 680 g / 1.5 lbs
  • Maximum Load: 15.4 lbs / 7 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 16.25″ / 41 cm
    • Height (Main Compartment): 8″ / 20 cm
    • Depth (Main Compartment Only): 9″ / 23 cm
    • Depth (Including Front Pocket): 11.25″ / 28.5 cm

Rollpacker 25

  • Volume: 25L / 1525 cu. in.
  • Weight of Hanger and Bag: 748 g / 1.65 lbs
  • Maximum Load: 15.4 lbs / 7 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 18″ / 45.7 cm
    • Height (Main Compartment): 9″ / 23 cm
    • Depth (Main Compartment Only): 11″ / 28 cm
    • Depth (Including Front Pocket):13.5″ / 34.3 cm


  • The Rollpacker 25L is compatible with straight bars only.
  • Minimum Handlebar Diameter is 2.2 cm


All Arkel bags are backed by warranty against defects in material and manufacturing. Please see Arkel’s extensive warranty details to review their limitations.