Yepp Bike Child Seats

Yepp child bike seats are made by GMG (Gebroeders Melkert Gouda) which has been making child bike seats since 1934.

But Yepp seats are made from modern materials such as high-quality perforated EVA polymer, a pliable, rubberlike material that cushions the ride almost like shock absorbers. Yepp makes both front-mounted child seats for easy communication with your child, and rear-mounted child seats with back support and visibility.

When family cycling innovators Xtracycle needed a bike child seat to fit their long-tail bike kits, they adapted the Yepp Maxi Standard Bike Child Seat and called it the Peapod III.

Yepp child seats are designed in Germany, and made in The Netherlands. Since their introduction in 2009, Yepp bike seats have won design awards, including the Bicycle Innovation Award, Red Dot Design Award, Good Industrial Design – Best in Category, not to mention the public prize Baby Innovation Award 2011.

Yepp bike seats have been certified in accordance with the most stringent safety standards and comply with both the European safety standard EN 14344 and the U.S. ASTM standards.