Our DEI Principles

This is a living document where we present our current diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) principles. We have also published a Statement of Accountability to reflect a moment of awakening and transition within our business.

Campfire Cycling’s mission is empowering all Tucson cyclists and communities by making cycling and bikepacking more accessible. To serve this mission fully, we must exercise DEI both internally and for all of our customers and the community that we interact with. We recognize that cycling and bikepacking are tools that offer much to the world including affordable and environmentally friendly transportation, health and well being and recreation. We are committed to recognizing and addressing the unequal accessibility to bicycles and cycling communities.

We strive to make Campfire Cycling a thriving and equitable organization. To do this, we have developed the following practices:

DEI Hiring
  • Posting new job positions with inclusive language.
  • Publishing new job positions to gain broad visibility.
  • Comparing job candidates skills and experience by considering not just their current qualification, but the obstacles overcome to get to their current position and the journey travelled.
  • Nurturing the opportunity for new hires to find success in their new roles.
Creating a Welcoming Work Environment for Employees
  • Creating a work culture where all identities feel welcome and comfortable in being and expressing themselves. We embrace all genders, ages, cultures, ancestries, ethnicities, races, colors, sexual orientations, physical abilities, learning styles, religions, familial statuses, marital statuses, occupations, veteran statuses, nationalities, citizenships, socio-economic statuses, and the many forms of composite subjectivity and life experiences.
  • Holding diversity, equity, and inclusion training for our staff.
Creating a Welcoming Community Space for Customers
  • Training our staff to be welcoming and maintaining a safe space for all of our customers.

As mentioned in our Statement of Accountability, we are also working through improving how we engage with Tucson communities. As we discover how to make that engagement part of our regular practices, we will update this document.

Developing our DEI principles means a journey of on-going learning for us. As we make our way on this path we anticipate that we will make some wrong turns. We are committed to learning from our mistakes and moving forward in a better direction.

Some of the resources that we have been referring to and learning from as we have developed our DEI principles include the following: