Operations Manager

About Campfire Cycling

Our mission at Campfire Cycling is to connect bicycle campers to the elemental with inspiration, knowledge and outfitting.

Campfire Cycling is the bicycle camper’s outfitter. We sell a curated selection of the finest bicycle camping equipment through our online store. We’re currently setting up our Tucson bicycle shop and retail space for a grand opening this coming November.

Previously, we operated for 13 years as BikeShopHub.com. We learned a whole lot about ecommerce and the bicycle industry. We had some great triumphs and also made many mistakes along the way. Campfire Cycling is our effort to take the best of what we learned and build something great!

Position Overview

Rebranding to Campfire Cycling has impacted our business in every way. As we rebuild, the most fundamental task is to strategically grow our team with leaders who are ready to collaborate and do great things.

At the heart of our business is our daily operations. From fulfilling orders to facilitating test rides, charming our customers and keeping our systems running gracefully is the essence of what we do.

We’re looking for an operations manager who is inspired by two things. First, you must be genuinely inspired by the Campfire Cycling brand and how it can connect to the bicycle camping community. When it comes to this inspiration, you’ve either got it or you don’t. We hope you’ve got it, but if you don’t, its ok, we can still be friends 😉

The second requirement for your inspiration is where the rubber really meets the road. You must find delight in the challenge of developing and running smooth operations throughout the retail, customer service and fulfillment sides of Campfire Cycling.

With enough inspiration, the skills required to thrive as our operation manager can be acquired in a modest amount of time. However, the skills, aptitudes and experience that you possess will go a long way to demonstrate your understanding of the challenges of the role and why you are inspired by it.

Overall, we are looking for someone who gets excited by the challenges of this role. We don’t like working with folks that are bummed out by what they’re doing. Inspiration is a collective act and you must be someone who appreciates playing a critical role on a talented team.

We’re asking for a lot, but we’re also offering plenty with a competitive salary, a structured bonus plan and incentives designed to excite bicycle campers. But our most valuable benefit should be an opportunity for unique growth in your career. We know that for you to be truly effective as our operations manager, the experience of working with our team to grow Campfire Cycling must benefit you personally as much as it benefits us collectively.

What You’ll Do as the Operations Manager?

  • Discuss and plan high-level projects with the team and then implement them with minimal hand-holding.
  • Proactively make recommendations – and then implement them – on how to improve our operations to better serve our customers
  • Manage and run the day-to-day of three critical segments of our business.
    • Bicycle Retail & Repair Operation (includes coordinating and running retail events)
    • Customer Service and Sales (Both Retail & Online)
    • Ecommerce Fulfillment
  • Analyze what is working and what isn’t and develop plans for improvement.
  • Document and improve upon our operational systems.

The Opportunity

  • Gain in-depth experience of running critical aspects of a retail/ecommerce operation.
  • Work closely with an experienced founder and a talented team.
  • A real job in the bicycle industry.
  • Spend your time doing something that you care deeply about.
  • Be a bicycling advocate.

Do You Have What it Takes?

  • The right candidate for this role will love the opportunity to combine their creativity, work skills and passion for cycling and the outdoors.
  • General Skills and Outlook:
    • Self starter with significant management experience.
    • A very serious, possibly life long cyclist.
    • A serious outdoorsmen.  If you’re not a bicycle camper already you’re itching for the opportunity to start.
    • Great with people.  You can sell. You can teach. You can lead.
  • Business Skills and Aptitudes:
    • Ownership mentality.
    • Great communicator with customers and employees.
    • A quick study with a love of learning.
    • Overall, effective at problem solving.
    • Ability to work efficiently with multiple software systems and improve our utilization by testing, reading docs and working with support.
    • Efficient at creating and updating SOPs.
    • Highly organized and very diligent about maintaining clean, safe working environments.
    • Enjoys getting your hands dirty working on bicycles and in the warehouse.
    • A professional business attitude.
  • Effort in Hours:
    • For the first year, expect to typically put in 45 to 55 hours per week.
    • After the first year, settling into 40 to 50 hours per week will be the expectation.
    • Sometimes we’ll be working on events on the weekend.
    • And when we’re not working, we’re having fun riding bicycles!

Who Else Is On the Team?

  • Josh Lipton | Founder/Owner/Operator – Has been doing ecommerce since launching BikeTrailerShop.com in 2006. Prior to that Josh developed a bike travel system, raced bicycles and delivered pizzas. Josh loves all forms of bicycling and lately has been dedicated to getting his family out bicycle camping
  • Ian Crombey | Graphic Designer – Ian masterminded the look of the Campfire Cycling brand. As a freelance graphic designer and bikepacker, Ian possessed the perfect blend of skills to make the Campfire shine.
  • Chad Bush | WordPress Developer – When the going gets technical, Chad steps in to untangle the mess. Developing WordPress Themes is Chads main focus, but he helps us on all aspects of WordPress management as needed. When applying for this job please include the sentence “I found your Easter Egg” in the first question we ask you to answer.
  • Pilot Digital | SEO Management – The team at Pilot are wizards of Google and know how to keep us in the rankings.
  • Kurt Meyers | Facilities Manager – Kurt both keeps the facilities in good working order but also builds the custom fixtures and cabinetry for our showroom.

Salary and Benefits

  • We’re offering $40K to $55K depending on experience.
  • Semi-annual bonus based on a combination of performance factors.
  • 2 weeks of paid time off.
  • 1 week of paid leave for a 7 to 8 day bicycle tour (includes a $50 per diem for travel costs).
  • We cover 50% of the employee purchase cost on approved bicycling and camping gear.  Offer is for up to $5,000 (employee cost) / year, meaning we cover $2,500.

How to Apply

To apply please answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you attracted to this position?
  2. Apart from family and friends, what 2-3 things do you value most?
  3. How would your friends describe you in three words?
  4. How do you think you’d fit into our culture?
  5. What do you think motivates people to focus their business on a specific bike shop? How would this inform your strategy as the Operation Manager for Campfire Cycling?
  6. What one company do you find most interesting and why?
  7. What’s something you’ve taught yourself and/or learned on your own in the last few years?
  8. Is there anything you’ve created that’s public and online we could see to get to know you better? (Blog, photography portfolio, videos, music, etc)
  9. Why do you think you’d excel at this position?

Send your answers to josh@campfirecycling.com with the subject line “I’m Your Next Operations Manager.” Please do not send and/or link to your resume at this stage in the process. Submitting your resume at this step will disqualify you from consideration.

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