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Ohm Urban XU700 SE E-Bike

The Ohm Urban XU700 SE is a Special Edition electric-assist bicycle, designed for the urban cyclist. Packed with premium components for comfort and convenience. Up to 56 miles on a single charge.

Ohm 37V E-Bike Battery (CAN bus)

Use as a replacement battery for your 2009 or newer Ohm e-bike, or as a spare so that you’ll always have a battery that’s charged and ready to go.

A2B Metro E-Bike

Hills? What hills? The A2B Metro gives you 500w of continuous power output, 749w peak output. Front and rear suspension for comfort and control. Zero emissions. Up to 40 mile range with 2nd battery.

A2B Velociti E-Bike

The Velociti is a sleek agile and nimble e-bike from A2B with throttle electric power when you want it. The battery charges within 3.5 hours and uses less than 1 KWh of power. Integrated lights.

Hebb ElectroCruiser 700 E-Bike

Your not in it for the speed. The ElectroCruiser 700 has a relaxed beach cruiser design, a 350 watt motor, lights, rear rack, front suspension, and a 7-speed internal hub.

Hebb ElectroGlide 500 E-Bike

The ElectroGlide 500 is more than an entry-level e-bike. It comes loaded with a 350 watt motor. You pedal when you want to pedal, shift when you want to shift. Ride when you want to ride.

Sergeii's Piano E-Bike and Road to a Million

“My goal is to get Paul McCartney’s attention to endorse bicycle e-power to the music industry.” The contraption fueling this goal: Sergeii’s Bionx powered bicycling piano. Best of luck to our ambitious, innovative and bicycle advocating friend — We’re rooting for you!

Franken-Fixie: A Hipster Bike with a Clean Republic E-Bike Kit

This is a guest post from Pete Prebus. Pete runs Electric Bike Report and is enthusiastic about spreading the word about electric bikes because they have great potential to get more people on bikes and out of their cars. Yes, I know, an electric motor on a fixie bike is a little sacrilegious, but it…

E-Bikes Land on Mars… Hill

Remember learning about that guy a century ago who thought there were canals on Mars, built by an intelligent alien civilization? That was Percival Lowell. And remember all those crybabies who took it so hard when Pluto was demoted down from being a real planet to being a mere “dwarf planet?” Those crybabies were the…

E-Bikes: The Great New Way to Con Your Friends to Go Cycling

When my friends Ben and Jaimie were out last Thanksgiving, I was able to con them into going on a bike ride. Ben and Jaimie are not cycling nerds dying to go on a bike ride whenever possible. They do like cycling in Chicago and do some bike commuting. Jaimie even reviewed a Vaude Pannier…

E-bike is to Bike what Trolling Motor is to Rowboat

Last week the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) released a position paper (PDF) on how electric bikes should be regulated when off-road. And predictably, the pedal-power purists flipped out without absorbing the nuances of IMBA’s position — even though the second paragraph is all reasonable and stuff. IMBA believes all recreational uses of public lands…

e-Bikes and Commuters: Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!

Steve Benning has been experimenting with bike commuting on a loaner Ohm XS 750 e-bike. Now he has to return the fancy Ohm bike. But he sounds like he’s ready to dust off his own bike and to switch to pure pedal power. Sure, he’d like to keep that sweet $3,799 bike, but it has…

A Windy Bike To Work Week… How About An E-bike?

We’re having quite the windy Bike-To-Work Week as often happens this time of year in Flagstaff. For cyclists with long commutes that are often into the wind, electric bikes can be a great way to make regular bike commuting more feasible.This is one of the many reasons we are introducing a lineup of electric bikes…

Is There Bike After e-Bike?

Steve Benning has been using an Ohm XS 750 e-bike for four weeks leading up to Bike to Work Week. And he’ll use it during Bike to Work Week too. But then what? What will happen after he has to give back the e-bike? I’m very satisfied with Steve’s willingness to try this experiment, and…

Les and Maury: The Downside of e-Bikes as Equalizers

E-bikes have been touted for their equalizing effect in a couple of ways. First, a weaker rider can keep up with stronger riders on an e-bike. Secondly, an e-bike helps the rider do his/her commute and errands faster than on a non-powered bike–in some contexts, equaling toward the speed of errands and commuting by car….

Take It Easy: Jackson Browne Trivia and a Dead E-Bike Battery

I succeeded in running down the battery the Hebb ElectroCruiser 700 until it wouldn’t go anymore. I was right in front of The Route 66 Dog Haus. The three-LED power indicator went permanently red after 20.4 miles on a single charge. The last five or more miles were no picnic. And given the hills, headwinds,…

The e-Bike Guinea Pig Talks Traffic

Steve Benning has been bike commuting for two weeks, and shows no sign of waning enthusiasm. We sat down and talked about dealing with drivers, motorcycle baggage, and family planning. Wait. That didn’t come out right. I’ve been using this as my second car, because we only have one car in our family. So I’ve…

Chariot Cougar With Gepida E-Bikes

A reader recently sent in this photo with her Chariot Cougar 1. We were interested to hear that they were pulling this bike child trailer with an electric bike. Here at the Campfire Cycling, we are about to add in a lineup of electric bikes into the mix of what we do and our very…