27.5+ (Max 2.8″) Tubeless Tire Upgrades

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Teravail Honcho

Another popular biking trail in the Midwest, another Teravail tire name. The Honcho is a solid XC and trail tire that can manage the occasional heavy-duty mountain riding and then some. This is a tire that lives up to its name and we have a feeling it will leave you yelling “Estos neumáticos son increíbles!!” as you tear down rugged backcountries.

Teravail Cumberland

Just like another industry we all know about, inches matter a whole lot and in ours, the 2.6-inch  tire width has slowly gained popularity for trail riders. Teravail’s Cumberland is larger in volume than a traditional 29er tire but not quite a typical ‘fat-tire’ size. Labels aside, these girthy tires will leave you 2.6″-curious.

Teravail Ehline

The Teravail Ehline wants one thing only: That you ditch every other XC tires you own and have something long-term and exclusive with it. Teravail understood this is a huge ask as they set out designing the Ehline and it shows. This is a capable tire that is in its element when ridden on modern XC trails.

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