Ortlieb Micro Saddle Bag… Not your Grandpa's Saddle Bag!

The Micro Saddle Bag from Ortlieb is the perfect small saddle bag for the daily commuter. Enough from for a Tube, couple of Co2’s, tire lever, small multi tool and a Co2 chuck this is all you need for your daily ride.

This is a minimalist bag, so if you need to carry more than 36 cubic inches you will need to find something more robust. The Micro saddle bag is perfect for people who need a small easy to access bag that will only store the flat tire repair items. If youre in the market for a small quick release waterproof saddle bag the Micro is a perfect choice.

[Video Transcription]

You riding that bike with 4.7″ on it? No, 4.8″ man with the disc brakes. Damn dude that look good! Smooth riding.

Hey Dudes!!!

Hi fellas!!!

Hey buddy!

Hey, looking good.

What kind of saddle bag is that?

Yeah, my Grandpa gave it to me, its pretty cool, huh?… My Grandpa! He said I could just have it! For Free!

Ok, I have to go to debate club. Bye fellas!

That is really not a cool bag, what was that guy thinking?

It looks like he got it off a horse and carriage.

Hi, Brian with Campfire Cycling here today to talk about a saddle bag and a saddle bag, that well, its not your Grandpa’s saddle bag. Ortlieb’s Micro Saddle bag, its 36 cubic inches of only your necessities. So we are talking a couple of Co2’s, air chuck, tire lever, a small multi tool and a tube. So its perfect for your daily commuter. It a bag I use every single day. Quick release on/off, real easy to get on the bike real easy to get off the bike. So if you do have to change a flat you’re not fumbling around trying to get your bag on and off the bike. Its 100% waterproof with a very easy closure system. Nice reflective element on the back. This is the Ortlieb Micro saddle bag, something I highly recommend.

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