The Zombie Apocalypse Bike

I’m working on the prototype of an idea to start doing a weekly video post here. It’ll just be top-of-mind stuff related to Campfire Cycling be it new products, ruminations or interesting projects like this bike that we’ve got featured in our new showroom.

As I get started the videos may be a bit rough. This one even has some weird glitch with damaged frames that happened in the upload (kind of fits the zombie theme though). But to make this work, I’ve just got to start publishing. So bear with me and I hope this becomes smooth and polished in not to long.

Video Transcription:

Hi I’m Josh Lipton and I’m here with I’m here to tell you about this crazy zombie apocalypse bike that we have. This is a Surly Moonlander and we’ve been using it at local events because people are just really impressed. They really think “wow this thing is crazy” and they come to our booth and we tell them what we do at Campfire Cycling.

So let me tell you a little bit about what we’ve got going on here. Up front we’ve got a Revelate Designs Sweet Roll. This can fit maybe three pineapples. We’ve got two mountain feedbags for maybe a couple of apples a couple of oranges. We’ve got a Revelate Gas Tank that I’d say you could fit about 20 figs and 4 kiwis in. In the Jerry Can you could fit a bunch of nuts. Here we’ve got the Revelate Frame Bag. You could fit about 8 bags of rice in there.

And here we’ve got the Revelate Viscacha. This will take maybe two small watermellons and some more rice. We’ve got the Revelate Sprocket up top. And then up here we’ve got the Salsa Anything HD Cage with the Anything Cage Bag. These bags will be perfect for maybe a dozen donuts each.

Anyways, when the zombie apocalypse comes you’ll have plenty of fruits and snacks to ecsape with. I’m Josh with Thank you very much.

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