Exclusive First Look: The Swobo Andale

Update: Yes, this is a joke and Swobo will continue to leave the white collar, 40+ male market untapped. What isn’t a joke is this childhood picture of Tim Parr. You’ve come a long way baby.

Below is a picture of the prototype of the newest bike coming out of Swobo… the Andale.

This new addition to the Swobo line is built specifically for road racing and is quite the departure from their previous offerings that were focused mainly on bikes for transportation.

In emailing with Tim Parr, owner of Swobo, he said:

This is the first in many planned releases in the road racing market. We believe we can make great strides in pushing the bicycle farther than ever before with the uses of carbon fibre and other cutting edge technologies on future models.


While we’ve had moderate success with Swobo’s early offerings, we see the previously untapped market of the white-collar, 40+ American male as someone that has been completely ignored by the bicycle industry. Studies show the future growth of cycling for transportation will flatten and decrease in coming years and we’ve decided the Andale will keep Swobo competitive in the future marketplace.

We plan to phase out the lagging Sanchez and Folsom lines and replace them with the Andale and other high end road bike models in the near future.”

What is Swobo thinking? This is a huge disappointment and I’d like to see Tim publicly flogged for this ridiculous move.

What do you think of Swobo’s newest bike? Think this is a good move for their brand? Would you buy one?

Swobo Andale

In other news, Swobo public relations nightmare, Stevil Kinevil, has been replaced by someone more fitting to the brand.

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