Final Review: SE Lager

SE Lager

After several months of riding the SE Lager for my daily commute, I’ll now give my final wrapup of my thoughts and impressions of it’s performance as a commuter bike. If you haven’t already, check out my first two posts I did as part of this review (Part one and part two). Also be sure to read the comments on those posts as several readers left their impressions of the SE Lager as well.

Comfort and simplicity are the greatest features of the Lager. The steel frame sucks up vibrations and seems to flow the road better than an aluminum equivalent. The geometry of the bike is spot on and I’ve never felt the least bit of discomfort or lower back pain (that tends to plague me) while riding.

The Lager is built from the ground up to be a simple and reliable bike. The steel frame, 1-speed (free or fixed flip-flop hub) drivetrain and overall streamlined features makes it a great choice for someone looking for a no-nonsense bike. I’ve riden this bike for over four months and have not done a single bit of maintenance other than changing the occasional flat.

I do have a few issues with the Lager that I would like to see changed on future models.

The bolt on skewers need to be swapped for quick release. A wrench is not a tool I should be forced to carry on every ride, however if I get a flat halfway home my multi-tool won’t get me very far.

I’d also like to see two sets of brake levers. The current set hangs off the end of the bullhorn handlebars, but I’d like to see a second set added to the middle. It would offer more options for hand position and not force the rider to constantly stretch out over the bars.

The last nit I’ll pick is the bottom bracket. It’s doesn’t conform to the normal standard. Here’s an excerpt from a comment Ed left on a previous post:

My biggest problem was upgrading the crank. The bottom bracket is old school bmx size, so i had to get my hands on a conversion kit which proved to be quite difficult as most people had no idea they even existed.

Even with these few issues, it’s hard to say to much bad about this bike. At a retail price of $540 (and available most places for much less) you get a great bike that is basically maintenance free. If you’re looking to get the most bike for the least amount of money, I would look hard at the SE Lager as the answer to your problems.

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