GroupThink: Alternative Safety Tactics

A constant topic here at Commute by Bike is ways to stay safe during our two wheeled travels. There are lots of common ones such as blinky lights, helmets, signaling, etc. However in recent comments on our posts I’ve seen a couple of unique ones:

Ghost Rider: I mounted a yardstick as a joke to the back of my bike when Florida passed the three-foot rule here. It is really not that much room, but the photographs make it look like a generous space.

The joke yardstick I mounted is two-sided”friendly and mean:

Friendly side:

Mean side:

gazer: […] there is usually at least one dingbat a week that feels that he or she has to prove that you “don’t belong in the road.”

This week, I’m wearing a yellow t-shirt with ARMY in huge block letters on the back. So far, no dingbats. Hmmmm.

So what alternative safety tactics do you use? Leave them in the comments to help your fellow commuters out with ideas!

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