The most convenient mini pump ever created

If you’ve ever been forced to use your mini pump to reinflate a tire you know what an absolute pain it is. Even with a high end one, you’re leaning over your bike grunting and cursing while trying to force air into your tube.

Not to mention it looks like you’re doing something highly inappropriate for the side of the road.

That may all change with the Cyclaire mini pump. It uses a rip chord to pump up your tire which makes it extremely easy and efficient. And at a mere six inches, it can fit easily in your pocket or bag.

Here’s the video from their site:

[youtube Ob1xsc58pKY]

They company is in the UK and the price on this after shipping is pushing $50. If you’ve ever had to use a mini pump on the side of the road before, you’ll agree it’s worth it.

Cyclaire mini bicycle pump

found on the Dirt Rag Blog

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