Review: Pedalite Pedals

The Pedalite pedals are an innovative safety device that has three LED lights in each pedal. A rear red, middle yellow and front white. The lights are powered by a generator within the pedal body itself and, once you’ve been riding a bit, the lights will stay on through stops.

Pedalite Pedals

When I originally heard of the Pedalite pedals they were only available in the UK and I didn’t have a way to get my hands on a set. They’ve now made the jump across the pond and are available online at Pedalite North America and I was able to snag a pair to review.

Installation of the pedals was a snap as they go on and off like any other pedals. Since the generator is completely contained within the pedal, the installation involves a standard pedal wrench.

Pedalite Pedals

The first thing I noticed was the size of the pedals. They feel more like a freeride pedal than a road or commuter. And while it doesn’t effect my comfort or pedaling in any way, it doesn’t do much in terms of looks for the bike. I’m riding this simple, streamlined, 1-gear SE Lager and now have these big, bulky pedals attached to it.

Pedalite Pedals

If you can get past the looks of the pedal, you’ll dig the safety upgrades the Pedalites provides. I’m a fan, in general, of lights that don’t require batteries as it’s one less thing to worry about and creates less waste. So the Pedalites score big points with me there. Add in the fact that the lights are moving with your pedal stroke and stay on through stop lights and I would say these are one of the best safety upgrades you can do to your commuter bike.

Pedalite Pedals

It’s hard to put into words how the flashing lights work, so I took this small video of them. In the first half you can see the pedals and how the flashing works. In the second half, it’s hard to see but it shows another feature that Pedalites have. As the battery runs out after you stop riding the lights will eventually stop blinking. The cool part is the first light to stop blinking is the white light, then the yellow light and finally the red light. This means your red safety light will stay blinking the longest at stops.

[youtube rShiUQmpwKo]

The Pedalites also come with optional toe clips that are built specifically for these pedals which means an easy installation of two small bolts. It’s a nice addon if you’re into that sort of thing.

Over the last month I’ve put these pedals through the paces. I’ve banged them around some and ridden them through snow and ice, and I give the Pedalites two big thumbs up.

You can pick up a pair at Pedalite North America for $59.99 and the optional toe clips for an additional $10.

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