Share: What was your best commute?

Seems like we’ve been moaning about the crappy conditions for commuters and constantly talking about all the new bling entering the commuter bike market. That’s all well and good and fun to discuss, but when it comes down to it… we love to ride and look forward to our daily two wheeled commute. So tell us about yours…

What was your best commute so far this year and why?

I’ll start…

A few weeks ago I got laid up with a pretty bad cold that took me several days to shake. Usually I hop on the bike to early and make it worse and with the lower temperatures I decided to make sure I was completely well before commuting by bike again.

So after several days off the bike, I got up, went to the basement and grabbed my bike for a ride in. It was a beautiful crisp morning with the sun shining brightly as it was rising for the day. The air was chilly when I first started off but I quickly warmed on my the first climb.

The whole ride in I felt as if I was riding with the metal, gas and asphalt environment instead of fighting for my place in it. Nobody honked or acted aggressively towards me the whole ride in. The traffic lights seemed to work in my favor. I even got a few happy waves from drivers.

When I arrived at my office I locked the bike, poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down at my desk and enjoyed the warmth as I watched the sun finish it’s ascent.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Leave yours in the comments.

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