Update: SE Lager

This is the second in a series of posts that will serve as my review of this commuter offering from SE Bikes. In this post I discuss the overall feel of the bike after several months of riding. You can see my first post on the SE Lager with more pictures here.

SE Lager Commuter Bike

Riding the SE Lager makes me feel like I’m back to riding a bike without thinking through the gadgetry or latest jazzy technology. The bike rides smooth and requires minimal thought process to keep her rolling day to day.

“Steel is real” so goes the motto and I tend to agree. It’s good to see people like SE still making good use of this material. The Cromolly steel sucks up normal road vibrations much more than your typical aluminum frame and makes for a very smooth and comfortable ride. The head tube angle sits at 72 degrees and the seat tube angle at 74 degrees. This is similar to other commuter style bikes I’ve ridden and makes for a very responsive steering while maintaining comfort.

When you’re looking at the angles of the head tubes and seat tubes, the lower the numbers the more comfortable and stable the ride and the higher the numbers the more responsive they are with a decrease in stability and comfort. You can find other commuter bikes that come with a steeper angles and quicker responsiveness but my commute doesn’t call for a lot of quick agility and the angles of the Lager are a very comfortable middle ground.

This is the first bike I’ve ridden long term with bull horn handlebars and I wasn’t sure how I would take to them. And while I would still opt for mustache bars, I’ve found the bullhorns to be comfortable and functional.

The brake levers are hanging off the end of the bars which I find to be frustrating at times as I like to sit up straight a good bit. There’s not really a better alternative for one set of levers, but I did suggest to SE that they add the secondary set of levers that you see on a lot of cross bikes. This would allow more options on where to place your hands

Across the board, simplicity is the name of the game for the Lager. The one speed drivetrain (fixed or free with the flip-flop hub), steel frame and sleek design make this a bike you won’t have to worry about day to day. I’ve been riding the Lager for several months now and have had no other maintenance issues outside of keeping the tires inflated. The absence of flimsy material and breakable parts make this a no brainer for people that like to ride their bike worry free.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the SE Lager as a daily commuter rig. Look for my final update on this bike in the coming weeks.

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