How do we get more people on bikes?

That’s quite literally the billion dollar question.

If you watched the video I posted last week, Tim Parr of Swobo makes the argument that it’s not about about telling people their fat, playing the environment card or anything else. We have to make cycling fun and cool again. Bring it out of the sport-only mindset that involves way to many men in spandex, and get people on bikes as part of their life style.

So back to my billion dollar question…

How do we get more people on bikes?

There seems to be so many barriers to it.

  • People ARE fat and out of shape. Getting on a bike seems very daunting.
  • Lack of cycling infrastructure.
  • Good bikes to ride and try. Most people don’t have a lot of extra bikes laying around for their friends to borrow and try out. How can we get people on bikes that aren’t $32 Bike Shaped Objects?

As we’ve seen, the bike industry is turning out more and more commuter/urban/comfort bikes but what’s happen to put more seats in saddles?

So I pose two questions to you…

What can us normal nine to fivers do to get more people on bikes?

What should the bike industry be doing differently to get more people on bikes?

Leave your thoughts and answers in the comments.

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