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In my ongoing pursuit of the perfect daily commuter bag, The Part and Parcel comes extremely close to the holy grail. A huge amount of organization options along with enhanced computer protection has made me fall in love with this bag. However, there is a major weakness with this bag that will automatically strike it as an option for many commuters.


I label this bag as daily use. It’ll hold enough stuff for your daily trip, however don’t try to pack for a weekend trip. My daily load is a laptop, power chord, headphones, mouse and various books/magazines/papers and it handles it fine but does fill it out. Crumpler does a great job illustrating what it can hold, so here’s the picture from their website.

The Part and Parcel from Crumpler Bags

The laptop sleeve is built in and will hold up to a 15 inch laptop. I personally run with a 13.3 inch Macbook and it fits neatly.

The additional pockets up front offer plenty of room for your loose stuff that you carry at all times. I keep my business cards, random electronic wires, gum, lip balm, flat repairs, tools, mini flashlight, etc up there and it all fits fine with room to spare.


The Part and Parcel from Crumpler Bags From a design standpoint, I think Crumpler stands out from the crowd. Their bags are beautiful and have a very unique look.

The color of the reviewed The Part and Parcel has a brown outer shell with a bright orange lining and black trimmings. They even go as far as to make their velcro patterns a design feature.

If having a unique bag that stands apart from the “normal” messenger packs is important to you, look to Crumpler.


My previous messenger packs usually topped out around four pockets for everything. A big main one and then a couple small ones up front. This is where The Part and Parcel shines. Including the built-in laptop sleeve, I counted 9 different compartments.

  • Built-in laptop sleeve with velcro closure
  • Main compartment
  • Two velcro pockets inside the main compartment
  • Two front zippered compartments
  • Two velcro pockets inside one of the front compartments
  • Zippered, mesh pocket on inside of bag’s flap

In addition to these compartments there is a built-in pen/pencil organizer and two loops on the outside of the bag perfect for a cellphone holder and blinkie light.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having all of the organization options with this bag. This was something I never realized I was missing until I had something better. Now, instead of digging through one pocket holding all my random wires, lip balm, gum, pens/pencils trying to find what I needed, I simply open the bag and grab what I need.

I give The Part and Parcel top marks on this category and believe this is the perfect setup for business on the go where you have lots of stuff to keep track of.

The Part and Parcel from Crumpler Bags The Part and Parcel from Crumpler Bags The Part and Parcel from Crumpler Bags The Part and Parcel from Crumpler Bags The Part and Parcel from Crumpler Bags The Part and Parcel from Crumpler Bags The Part and Parcel from Crumpler Bags


The Part and Parcel is a one strap, messenger bag style design. On a bike I’ve found it’s very comfortable and stable when used with the included stability strap. I would say it’s on par with other bags I’ve used… no worse or better here.


All the organization and storage capacity in the world is useless if your stuff doesn’t get from point A to B without being wrecked and unfortunately the biggest issue I’ve found is what will turn many people off from making The Part and Parcel their commuter bag of choice.

On Crumpler’s website, the bag’s outer shell is described as “Water resistant 1000D Nylon”.

Water resistant… not water proof.

Putting my computer (i.e. livelihood) on the line, I headed out one morning in a torrential downpour for a five mile commute. It took me twenty minutes to reach my destination and upon inspection of the bag post-ride I saw where the water was already spreading into the main compartment of the bag. Nothing was damaged, however the inner compartment was damp. If I had spent another twenty minutes or more in the rain enough water could have gotten in to do some damage.

Apart from the water resistant aspect, the bag does a good job protecting your stuff. Plenty of zippers and velcro keeps everything secure where you put it and the built-in laptop sleeve keeps your computer suspended off the bottom of the bag so when you plop your bag down, your laptop won’t take the brunt of the force. I major feature in my mind.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using The Part and Parcel from Crumpler almost exclusively for three months now and it is now my favorite bag I’ve used . The organization options are what make me sing the praises of this bag, however the design elements and ample padding push it over the edge as my top bag of choice. Unfortunately the water resistant (instead of water proof) aspect of this bag will turn a lot of people off, however, if inclement weather isn’t a regular part of your commute, I would look seriously at The Part and Parcel.


MSRP $160

Crumpler’s official The Part and Parcel page

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