Protect your wheels, seat and bars from theft

You may already have a U-Lock, but your bike also faces the danger of having it’s components stolen while it’s locked up. You can fiddle with moving the front wheel and taking the seat with you, but that can be time consuming and annoying.

There is a product on the market that allows you to lock your components to the bike so all you have to do when you’re out and about is U-Lock your bike and go with no worries.

Pinhead Components Bike Locking SystemPinhead Components locking system locks your front wheel, rear wheel, seat, and handlebars to your bicycle frame:

Each Pinhead locking component replaces the standard fastener (pin assembly or hex nut) that your bike was built with. Install the locking components, then forget they’re there. Once installed, the lightweight, unobtrusive Pinhead locking fasteners remain on your bicycle when you ride, protecting your components from theft. If you do need to remove a component for bike maintenance, your unique locking key lets you easily and quickly remove any component.

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