Commuter offerings from Crumpler Bags

Crumpler BagsA lot of my photography friends swear by Crumpler Bags so I was looking forward to taking a look at their bike commuter offerings.

I looked through several of their bags and also picked up one to review which I’ve been using since I returned home. The upsides are plenty of pockets and storage space. One of the annoyances I’ve had with other messenger packs is the lack of options to organize. Many of the Crumpler messenger bags have upwards of half a dozen different pockets to store stuff with plenty of room in the main compartment for your big needs. One thing to keep in mind when checking out Crumpler is most of their bags are labeled water resistant instead of water proof. If you get caught in a lot of downpours or like to go for a snorkel with your packs, they probably aren’t the choice for you.

Crumpler Bags Messenger Pack The Barney Rustle BlanketCrumpler Bags Messenger Pack Soupansalad

Crumpler Bags School Hymn computer case

The Barney Rustle Blanket is a messenger bag offering that will hold 14 liters worth of stuff. That translates into a couple six packs or, for you more responsible types, plenty of room for laptop, notebook, wires, etc. The main compartment, one zippered external pocket and three internal front pockets do the storage and the retro reflective stripe, shoulder pad and stability strap does the safety. Looking for the same features with a bit more room and less hassle? The Soupansalad could fit you nicely. One tie-down instead of two but 4 extra liters of room totaling out at 18.

The School Hymn is a semi-rigid laptop sleeve that was one of my favorite products I saw in their booth. My computer is my livelihood and I’ve seen very few commuter options that offer a harder casing to protect. If you ride with your laptop, take a close look at this… could be the best $45 you’ve spent in awhile.

Continuing with the accessories, the Bundle comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large. Each has two zippered pockets for storage and will easily carry your digi cam, phone and other small stuff. Use your imagination.

The bag I got my hands on for a review is the Part and Parcel. A 10 liter pack built with the daily commuter in mind. The laptop sleeve is built in, heavily padded and suspended up from the bottom of the bag. So when you drop the bag to the floor your computer doesn’t take the brunt. It fits up to a 15 incher. The six organizer pockets are a dream come to true. I have individual places for the ipod, biz cards, wires, etc. Look for more info to come as I get some more use under it’s belt.

There’s more bag offerings from Crumpler and you can see more at their website or ask questions here. All in all, it looks to be good stuff and built by people that actually use their products.

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