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Bicycle CommutingRon Seely writes for the Wisconsin State Journal and recently took on a challenge to ditch his SUV and ride his bike to work.

It’s a really interesting read as Seely stays honest about how it went, how much he enjoyed it and the few times he grabbed for his keys:

Then, in the early afternoon, [my wife] makes a fatal error. She suggests that we have steaks for supper. Smitten, I am out the door, into my truck and nosing around the meat counter at Copps before I even realize I have broken my vow. I feel terrible. I pick out two huge T-bones and slink home.

And towards the end of the article is my favorite:

Technically, the no-car experiment is over. But I can’t bring myself to drive. And, besides, I truly enjoy the bike ride. I have been surprised by the ease with which I have been able to incorporate bicycle commuting into my life. Believe me, I am mostly a big earthbound lug who should serve as startling evidence that anybody can do this.

Click over and have a read. It’s very inspiring and worth passing on to your friends.

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