Help shape a new city's transportation plans

You can impact the transportation plans of a new city.

Jason of John’s Creek, GA sent the following email:

I am helping my city create a bicycle commuting plan that will be incorporated in to a 25 year transportation package for our city (John’s Creek, GA). Our city is newly formed so we have a huge opportunity to make a statement with our commitment to commuting alternatives via multi-use paths, bike lanes, etc.

I am wondering if you have any information that I could pass along to to the transportation officials at my city office that would help them in creating the ideal bicycle commuting city. Ideally reports, case studies, success stories, and any proven solutions would be great! In the next month or two I’ll be in a series of workshops with city planners, residents, and consultants.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Please help Jason out and leave any information, links or ideas in the comments. This is a great way for us to get involved an help!

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