Update: Lemond Poprad Disc

I’ve put a lot more commuting miles on the Lemond Poprad Disc since my First Impression post awhile back and I’m ready to do an update.

First of all, since the bike is built as a cyclocross racer it comes without fenders, reflectors, road tires or braze-ons for a rack. All of these things (other than the braze-ons of course) are added and/or replaced relatively cheaply, but it’s something to keep in mind. I never even thought about the missing reflectors until I got caught somewhere after dark and realized not only did I not have my blinky lights with me, but I was also without the most basic nighttime defense of reflectors.

I’ve also gotten several questions and comment about the extra set of brake levers shown here:

Lemond Poprad Disc Commuter Cyclocross Bike

From what I can tell people either love or hate these extra levers and I fall squarely in the ‘love’ category. Almost all of my riding outside of the daily commute is done on a mountain bike and this extra set of levers allows me to sit up straighter which is a lot more comfortable (both physically and mentally) for me. Also it allows me to easily steer the bike with one hand and still have access to the brakes. I believe this has become a feature I’ll always be looking for on my road or commuter bikes.

The last thing I’ll mention in this update is the number of flats I’ve had. I’m now on number two. It could be a fluke, however I never got the first flat after a lot more commutes on the Redline 925.

That’s it… look for my final review in the coming weeks…

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